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Student Dormitories (for regular students)

Waseda University Student Dormitories are operated by Waseda University. These include Waseda International Student House (WISH), Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory. The contract for residents and dormitories are concluded with Waseda University. Waseda University Affiliated Dormitories are operated by affiliated companies (companies in affiliated relationships with Waseda University). The contracts for these dormitories are concluded between the resident and each affiliated company.

You may apply for dormitories upon acceptance to the University. Both Waseda University Student Dormitories and Waseda University Affiliated Dormitories can be applied through “Online Request Form” on the website of Residence Life Center. Send in the necessary information by the deadline.

Please see the Dormitory Application Process on pages 49 to 52 of Digital Pamphlet or please go to “Apply for Housing” of this site.
【Students enrolling in April】Application to Waseda International Student House (WISH) has a specific application period depending on the type of entrance examination you take. Keep in mind that the application period will vary according to entrance examination type.

When applying for Waseda University Student Dormitories (Waseda International Student House (WISH), Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory) as your first choice, you may simultaneously apply for ①WID and Waseda Recommended Dormitories as your 2nd to 6th choice or ②Wakeijuku as your second choice (multiple applications with both ① and ② are not permitted). It will help you to secure your accommodation if you were not accepted at Waseda University Student Dormitories of your first choice.

Waseda University Student Dormitories (Waseda International Student House (WISH), Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory), Espoire Mejiro and Wakeijuku conduct document screening. WID and Waseda Recommended Dormitories do not have screening and conduct a lottery draw.

Refer to “Commuting time estimation to Campus” on page 4 of Digital Pamphlet. Fee of student train pass for 3-months (as of September 2019) is also provided. For more information on access, check the page for each dormitory.

After being accepted at a dormitory, the move-in dates are designated by the Residence Life Center and affiliated companies. As a rule, you are required to move-in on the designated date.

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