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RA(Resident Assistant)

Resident Assistants (RAs) are students leaders who assist the residents living away from their home town to lead safe and pleasant dormitory life. Students who would like to be an RA must apply to Waseda University. Waseda University provides a dormitory room for the activity to RA who passed the screening.

RAs are expected to broaden their international outlook and improve themselves remarkably by sharing their own experiences with other residents. They are also expected to brush themselves up by being a model resident and playing a role as follows.

Residents can ask RAs whenever they have problems regarding dorm and campus life. RAs are senior students that you can count on.

Assisting residents’ daily life *RAs support residents both in entrance and moving-out procedure in March and September, They help international students with Resident Registration, health Insurance procedure, opening bank account and interpreting or translating.
*When residents encounter emergency situation or any problems, RAs understand the circumstance and report the incident to University with a dorm manager.
Listening to the residents *Listen to the residents when they have problems regarding their dormitory or campus life, studies, and give advice to lead them to better ways.
*As for serious problems either mentally or physically, they introduce residents a counseling room on campus.
Giving advice on rules for daily life. How to dispose garbage, how to use public transportation, how to shop, how to use common space in dorm including kitchen and so on.
Being a pipeline between University and the dorm *Report the condition of the dorm to University.
*Try to solve the problem with University
*Attend seminars held by University to improve themselves as residents’ leaders
*Attend a meeting which is held by University to share the information between RA and University at Waseda International Student House (WISH) and Waseda University International Dormitories (WID).
*Submit a report once a month to University. The report could be a chance to improve the dormitory life
*New RAs must have an interview for the first 3 months when they submit the report.
Planning and managing various activities Plan and manage various events such as Welcome Party, Sport event and Seasonal Events to encourage both Japanese and international residents to get to know one another. Residents are also encouraged to plan and manage their own events. RA should give them advice and help them if necessary.
Hold a meeting At Waseda International Student House (WISH), RAs hold a RA meeting regularly to share information. Each RA has a Floor-meeting on each floor to share updated information and also encourage exchanging information among residents. RAs at Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory hold a meeting for all the residents once a month.



Waseda International Student House (WISH) 37 RAs (Maximum) 4 RAs are allocated to each floor in principle.
Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory 2 RAs (Male only)
Waseda University International Dormitories (WID) 1 RA on each dormitory in principle
(In co-ed dormitory, 2 RAs (Male and Female) are allocated.)
Espoir Mejiro 2 RAs (Female only)
Crevia Will Waseda 2 RAs (Male and Female)
Campus terrace Waseda 1 RA (Male or Female)

*At Wakeijuku and Dormy, RAs are not allocated.

Applicant Eligibility

Dormitories Eligibility
Waseda International Student House (WISH) As of April 1, those who are junior or senior students and able to graduate within the duration of study for courses.
In case of extending the duration of study due to study abroad, university will make the decision on a case-by-case basis.
Higashi-Fushimi Student Dormitory As of April 1, those who are junior or senior students, or  master’s course students and able to graduate within the duration of study for courses.
In case of extending the duration of study due to study abroad, university will make the decision on a case-by-case basis.
Waseda University International Dormitories (WID) In principle, RA will be selected by dorm manager and current RA from current residents.
Espoir Mejiro In principle, RA will be selected by dorm manager and current RA from current residents.
Crevia Will Waseda Refer to recruitment information
Campus terrace Waseda Refer to recruitment information

*At Wakeijuku and Dormy, RAs are not allocated.

Quality that are required

RAs are required the following qualities. You do not need to have all qualities at the beginning. Student who has potential for making personal progress through RA activity will be the most right person. However, a certain level of language ability will be required when you apply. Residence Life Center will strongly backup RA activity and cheer up your success. Please take on a challenge if you are interested in RA.

Responsibility RA should cooperate with Residence Life Center and Dorm managers and support dormitory operation with peace and safe. Therefore student who can steadily carry out a given task with a deep sense of responsibility will be desired.
Language ability At the dormitory, many international students live together. Therefore student must have some command of English speaking ability (Chinese or Korean), with high communication skill for both Japanese and English.
*Usage language for the communication such as document and E-mail between Residence Life Center and RAs will be Japanese.
Leadership Student who can see things in a big picture and have less difficulty with organizing a large number of residents at the dormitory events will be desired.
Ability to get things done Student who has a great deal of curiosity as well as carries out planning of dormitory events actively and completes the task with organizing a cooperative system will be desired.
Not be shy of people Student who can communicate with anyone in a friendly manner will be desired.
Not be affected by surroundings RA should give a warning to the residents regarding daily dormitory life and give an advice for the residents when it is necessary. Therefore student who can have a certain distance with residents and draw a line between RAs and residents will be desired.
Be committed to personal development Student must study hard for the university course and put your efforts on their own activity. Also student must achieve these activities and RA activities at the same time while broadening their international perspective through RA activities. Besides, student who has a willingness and passion to convey their own experiences to residents will be desired.
Those who can promise to secure time In order to carry out the RA task actively in the dormitory, student must obtain the permission of Residence Life Center to have a part time job. Meanwhile, unpunctual person will be difficult to carry out RA activity.



Selection will be done by document screening and interview.

Application period

Application will be opened 3 months to 6 months prior to the date of departure of current RAs. In addition, application will be opened in each case when there is a vacancy.
Announcement for application will be posted on the website of Residence Life Center and on MyWaseda.


  1. Dormitory room (Single room in principal) will be provided for free or half price as a reward of RA activity.
  2. Electricity and internet fee will be own expenses.
    *At Waseda International Student House (WISH), electricity and internet fee will be included dormitory fee.
  3. For more detailed, please confirm application guidebook during application period.

Residence Life Center is a department that plans management policies for student dormitories, and provides services for students regarding dormitories.

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