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WID・Recommended Dormitories

Dormitories are open for visits every day of the week including weekends and holidays. Please make an appointment (if you wish to visit on weekends, please make an appointment by Friday.) The Dorm Manager will show you around. (TEL:03-5295-7791)

Yes, you can. Longer contracts are more economical. There is no restriction on extension for undergraduate and graduate students while enrolling Waseda University.
It is also possible to transfer to another dormitory within the contract period.

Only students in the School of International Liberal Studies, which includes an overseas study program starting the summer of second year for all students, may tie a 1.5-year contract with Waseda University International Dormitories (WID) and Dormitory Toritsu Kasei (only female). 1.5 years is considered a full term and deposits will be returned. Only half of the management fee will be charged for the second year.

WID and Dormy do not have screening and conduct a lottery draw. Receipt of applications by those admitted through General Entrance Exam and applying for period 4 WID Waseda will close at 12:00 a.m. two days after of the day of examination results announcement. The successful applicants will be selected by lottery.

Doors have an auto-lock system and there are security cameras. Live-in Dorm Managers and Caretakers will shut out all unauthorized individuals, so the residents are safe.

You can choose without meals option depeding on dormitories. Also, you can change with ⇔ without meals option only once within the contract period. If you will eat meals about a half of month, it is more economical to choose with meals option.

You may cook at the kitchen corner. Residents cook or eat out depending on their lifestyle.

No, there aren’t. All residents are good friends and the atmosphere is very homey. It is possible to maintain your privacy in your own room.

It is possible to make application anytime for WID and Waseda Recommended Dormitories if there are vacancies. Please call or email Kyoritsu Maintenance (TEL:03-5295-7791 E-mail:[email protected])

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