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Dormitories for Exchange Students

Residence Life Center (RLC) has a university dormitory option to offer exchange students who are studying at Waseda University. We have three dormitories for exchange students; Waseda University International Student House, Waseda Hoshien, and Nishi-Waseda International Student House. All of those dormitories are located within a walking distance from Waseda Campus, Toyama Campus, and Nishi-Waseda Campus.

Residences other than student dormitories

*If you are interested in housing options other than dormitories, please visit the following websites.

[NOTE] Information regarding accommodations for students on MEXT exchange program (Embassy recommendation students) is provided by the Center for International Education (CIE). If you have any questions, please contact the CIE office at ‘[email protected]‘.

Rule and Regulations for Waseda University Exchange Students' Dormitory

Notice of Long Term Absence

For any reason, if you are absent from the dormitory for 3 days or more, you are required to submit a ‘Notice of Long-term Absence’ to a person responsible stated below. You need to inform of your destination, period of absence, and contact information. The notice needs to submitted as instructed by your dormitory’s manager. Please note that you are responsible for the dormitory fees for the period of your absence. The dorm fees are charged regardless of whether you are physically in the dormitory or not during the period until the end of your contract.
-Waseda University Student House: Dormitory Manager
-Waseda Hoshien: Dormitory Desk
-Waseda University Nishi Waseda International Students House: Dormitory Manager

Notice of Moving Out

You are required to submit a ‘Notice of Moving Out’ to the RLC one month prior to your move-out date. You need to inform the RLC of the exact date and time you expect to leave the dormitory. The notice needs to be submitted via a designated online form. The RLC will email you the details about the online form and how to submit the notice. Please ensure that you will submit the online form without delay. As a general rule, it is not allowed to change your move-out date/time after submitting the notice to the RLC.


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