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【Application Deadline: Oct. 16】 ICC Cooking Party: A fun way to avoid wasting ingredients by using left overs!


Ah! I bought too much; I can’t use it all by myself.
Oh no! This food is almost past its sell-by date!

Have you ever stood in front of leftover ingredients and thought “what a waste”?

In Japan 6,430,000 tons of edible food and ingredients are thrown away every year as “food waste”.
That is equal to every Japanese person throwing away about 1 rice bowl of edible food every day.
Within that number, about 2,910,000 tons of waste food comes from private homes.

The United Nations has established October 16th every year as “World Food Day”, and to match up with
this Japan has also established the whole of October as “World Food Day” Month. This is to encourage people
to think about the food issues around the world and to work towards solutions to them.

During this time, the ICC is holding a “Salvage Party”!
Participants can bring their own left over ingredients and make delicious food from them together.
It’s a great way to easily take action to reduce food waste.

“If I could make food like this, then I wouldn’t leave a single bite!”
“It’s a lot of fun making food together with everyone!”
Think of recipes together, cook together, and eat together…it is a good chance for you to think about food waste while having fun.

Don’t worry if you’re not a master chef! You’ll be cooking together in groups with the advice and support
of a professional chef. If you enjoy food, if you’re concerned about food waste, if you want to make friends
while cooking, we’re waiting for your application now!

Chef Profile

Mr. Taiga Takata

Licensed Salvage Chef. Representative of the catering company “Foodist Link Ltd.”.
Creates original menus featuring arrangements of local and international foods. Organizes and holds
food salvage parties in different areas of Japan and also does catering for companies and embassies.
Takes pride in his Japanese-Western fusion style food featuring recipes such as soy sauce mixed with
tomato sauce and miso added to meat sauce.

Date & Time

Oct. 24 2019, (Thu)  4:45pm – 7:45pm (Reception starts at 4:30pm)


Bunkyo Welfare Center Edogawabashi, start and finish on site. *About 20 min. walk from Waseda Campus. About 5 min. walk from Yurakucho Line Edogawabashi Sta.


Waseda students


English and Japanese

Things to bring

Apron, head kerchief, 2 cloths, 1 leftover ingredient from home (Left over ingredients from your refrigerator, ingredients that you couldn’t use all of, ingredients you don’t know how to use so have been left over etc.)

(Please read the notes below carefully!)


Free! Participants must pay for their own travel to the center.


Via MyWaseda (Click here!)

Application Deadline

Oct. 16 (Wed)  9:00am


32 (If there are a large number of applicants, a lottery will be held. Results announced on the deadline day by email.)


Food Salvage Inc.
Foodist Link Co., Ltd.


1. Lecture
2. Cooking time
3. Eating and interaction time


Ingredients you cannot bring
1. Ingredients past their use-by date.
2. Ingredients you made yourself at home.
3. Already opened processed foods.
4. Ingredients that have not been kept in the correct way.
5. Basic condiments (salt, sugar, soy sauce etc.)
6. Ingredients you bought specifically for this event.


Cancellations after selection are not acceptable.
Please check your schedule carefully before registering.
Cancellation Policy


TEL: 03-5286-3990
E-mail: [email protected]

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Bunkyo Welfare Center Edogawabashi


Wed, 11 Sep 2019

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