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ICC Event Registration and Cancellation Policy

The majority of the ICC’s events do not require advance registration and allow partial participation.
However the following events listed below require participants to register in advance on MyWaseda.

・Field Trips
・Sports Events
・Outreach Programs (cross-cultural understanding programs in schools)
・Visitor Sessions (discussion /campus tour events for visiting international students)
・JICA Trade Games (workshops)
・Event Supporters
・Try-Out Exchange Events

※In general as a rule,
1. Events outside the university which require insurance.
2. Events which require knowing the number of participants in advance. Etc.
For the advance registration events listed above please note the following points below:


For above events, the number of applicants often exceeds the spaces available and so we may need to hold a lottery. Please be sure to check your schedule before applying.


Please avoid irresponsibly cancelling as this causes problems and may prevent somebody else from joining. If you become unable to participate for unavoidable reasons after applying, please contact us by mail as soon as possible, before the result announcement date at the latest.


If you are ill or become unable to participate for some serious reason between the result announcement date and the actual event day then be sure to contact the ICC by either mail or phone.



If you are absent without prior notice and cause any trouble to the other participants and the ICC, you may be flagged for future events, such as being given lower priority in lotteries. If you think you may have done this in the past, please come to the ICC counter and explain the circumstances.


Thank you for your understanding and cooperation!


Intercultural Communication Center (ICC)

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