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The Center for Japanese Language (CJL) offers support to students who aspire to achieve self-actualization through the Japanese language. You can count on the CJL faculty and staff to provide a wide range of Japanese language courses, services and learning resources which all together will help you acquire Japanese. Let us assist you in your journey of learning. But bear in mind that support is all we can provide; it is none other than yourself who will be engaged in your study of the Japanese language based on your own individual needs. In short, you are required to “proactively” learn Japanese while self-managing your own study, as so encouraged in the CJL’s curriculum policy, and there lies a strategy to best acquire the Japanese language.

Japanese Language Learning Portfolios can be downloaded from the following link. *TBA*

Integrating the "Japanese Language Learning Portfolios" in your study

The Japanese language learning portfolios are designed as a tool to support easy, efficient management of your own study. The process begins with self-analysis of your present situation so that you will explore yourself in depth and truly know yourself. Why am I studying Japanese? What do I hope to accomplish with the Japanese language proficiency I acquire?—Ask yourself these questions and ponder over them. Develop concrete study plans toward your goals: what can you achieve in a semester, a month, or a week? Then put your plans to action and make sure that you look back on your achievements at a later time. Based on your Japanese language abilities, examine what kind of learning is effective and necessary in order to further the skills you excel in and catch up on the ones you feel difficult to acquire.

You need to decide what courses will best suit your needs and in what combination of subjects. Note also that your Japanese language learning should not be limited to inside the classroom. Learning takes on a life of its own while you enjoy browsing cartoon and comics or singing karaoke. What sort of extracurricular activities do you think will be helpful to you when it comes to acquiring the Japanese language abilities in the broad sense?

When, where, and with whom would you study? What means and materials would you use to study and how often? The portfolio comes in handy when you want to find out a style of learning that is most appropriate to you. In the calendar you find inside the portfolio, keep a log of your learning that takes place both on and off campus and look back on your records once in a while. You might also want to file in your portfolio the score sheet of your placement test, quizzes from your classes, essays, or your personal notes of words and phrases that you want to remember. Such process will prompt you to find a clue to the learning strategy that you need and ensure that you make it a habit to study.

Waseda Nihongo Support

If you are about to self-manage your own learning for the very first time, we encourage you to take your portfolio with you and visit Waseda Nihongo Support. The staff there will be sure to offer advice, guide you through your study, or give information on study resources and the services that are made available to you.

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