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Waseda Nihongo Support

Center for Japanese Language at Waseda University offers Waseda Nihongo Support to the students who are keen to develop Japanese proficiency and learning skills in their self-directed learning. The staff is available to support learners with individual needs and problems. Not only beginners but also advanced learners can receive helpful support and guidance in all aspects of their Japanese learning as well as in their daily campus life. Come and join Waseda Nihongo Support!


Waseda Nihongo Support provides 3 main supports: 1) Advising Japanese learning, 2) Collecting Information for learning resources; and 3) Japanese drop-in desk.

(1) Advising Japanese learning


If you are having difficulty with gaining proficiency, finding a study method suited for yourself, making a plan for study, or developing your Japanese study field, consult the support staff. He/she will think together, and try to find the best way to solve your problem.

Let’s plan your own Japanese learning using the portfolio.


(2) Collecting Information for Learning Resources


We will provide various kinds of information about textbooks, websites, events, and facilities on and off campus, and explain you in order that you could make the best use of these as learning resources.



(3) Japanese Drop-in Desk

You may ask any questions about the Japanese language such as grammar, vocabulary or expressions, etc. If you have questions such as “How does the grammar work?”, “What does this word mean?”,“Is my Japanese expression correct?”, or “I want to check the content of the article”, ask the support staff. He/she will support you through the conversation until you understand it.

Waseda Nihongo Support News

Target Student

  • Students who are learning Japanese in Waseda University

Open Period

  • April 6th (Mon.),2020 – July 22nd (Wed.),2020 *Dates are subject to change.

Open Hour

  • Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday  12:00 – 17:30 (Last entry is 17:00.)
    Waseda International Learning Lounge, 3rd Floor, Bldg 22


  • Graduate Students of Waseda University or Undergraduate Students who have successfully passed Advising for Japanese Language Learner.
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