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FAQ (Japanese Language Program)

Admission Requirements

Admission requirements are those who have completed or are scheduled to complete 12 year school curriculum in Japan or outside. It is not a program for students who want to prepare for entering the universities.

There is no upper age limit to apply for the course.

There is no Japanese Language requirement. You can apply for the course without the Japanese Language learning experience.

You can apply as long as you qualify the requirements. Once you are admitted, you must go to the immigration office to change your visa status by yourself.


There are a few ways to apply for the Japanese Language Program.

(1) Applying as an independent (fee-paying) student

When applying independently, please read “Admission Guide to Japanese Language Program” carefully and submit all application documents to Center for Japanese Language in prescribed application period.

(2) Applying as an exchange student

If your university has an academic exchange agreement with Waseda university, you have a chance to apply for the program as an exchange student. For more information regarding the exchange program, please check the website of Center for International Education of Waseda University.

(3) Applying as a Japanese government (MEXT) scholarship student

If you would like to apply for JLP as a MEXT (Japanese Government) Scholarship student, please visit MEXT website or the Japanese Embassy in your country for further information. If you are granted the Japanese Government Scholarship, it is not necessary for you to apply for a university by yourself. The Ministry of Education will arrange your entrance to a Japanese university. However, in this case, even though you can send the list of the universities you want to enter, the Ministry of Education will determine your admission after the negotiation with the universities.

Application documents are available online.

Please obtain them by downloading from our web site. We will not send the applications by mail. In the event, if you cannot download the application documents, please contact us at Center for Japanese Language ([email protected]) in advance.

A guarantor is not necessary at the application for Japanese Language Program. Upon the admission procedure, you will need to have a guarantor regardless of your age or even if you are paying school expenses by yourself.

All application documents should be submit together. As for preparing the certificate, it may take sometime to obtain all necessary documents, thus please make sure to have enough time for preparation of the documents.

When you finish answering all the questions, please check your responses again before you click “保存(SAVE)” button to complete the registration. You will not complete online application until you click “保存(SAVE)” button. You will receive a confirmation message to the e-mail address you have registered online.


Screening will be processed on the basis of the application materials, especially the “Study Plan” in a comprehensive way. There is no minimum GPA requirement to pass the screening. No writing examination or interview will be required.

We will post successful applicants’ application numbers on our website on the screening result notification day.

Inquiries regarding the screening result will not be answered.

Japanese Language Program

We recruit students for about 150 seats for Spring semester and 250 seats for Fall semester.

The acceptance rate for the past few years is between 60-75%.

3,977 international students are enrolled in courses at CJL as of Fall Semester, 2018.

Here is the list of TOP 5 countries of origin for international students.

Number Percent
China 1,367 34.3
Korea 440 11.1
USA 419 10.5
Taiwan 362 9.1
Japan 249 6.3
Other (Singapore, UK, and France etc.) 1,140 28.7

The schedule is as shown below.

Week Monday to Saturday (*Some classes are scheduled on national holidays.)
  1. 9:00-10:30
  2. 10:40-12:10
  3. 13:00-14:30
  4. 14:45-16:15
  5. 16:30-18:00

The Japanese Language Program is half year or one year program. Thus, you can register for half a year. However please note that no change for the decided program duration is allowed.

The credit counting system may differ between universities. Thus, the number of credits you can transfer from this program to your university will be depending on your university. Please inquire your university for the number of credits you can transfer from our program.

Yes. You can take them up to 4 credits (2 courses) per semester. Restrictions apply for taking those courses. For further details, please refer to the web link below.

Important Notes for JLP Students


When you are enrolled at the Waseda University, you will need to possess a valid passport and a valid VISA. Upon application of visa, an applicant is required to submit a “Certificate of Eligibility” together with his/her passport to a Japanese embassy or consulate in his/her own country. For the students who are enrolled at the Japanese Language Program, Waseda University acts as a proxy to obtain the Certificate of Eligibility from the Immigration Bureau of the Ministry of Justice. Please note that in some cases the Immigration Bureau may require additional materials. We’ll inform regarding to the submitting the application documents for COE to the successful applicants only with the result of the screening.


We do not have any support for housing for independent (privately funded) students. Students are requested to secure an accommodation by him/herself. We will send information about accommodation for successful applicants. Please contact to the applicable office directly for further procedures.

Unfortunately, independent students cannot live in the International Students Houses (dormitories) of Waseda University. However, the independent students can live in the dormitories operated by Kyoritsu Maintenance Co. For details, please refer to the links below.

Kyoritsu Maintenance Co. [Waseda International Dormitory, Waseda Recommended Dormitory]

WAKEIJUKU [Male Dormitory with Meals]

ITOCHU Urban Community Co. Ltd. [Dormitory]

There are private real estate agents around Waseda University, who can offer you a variety of accommodation options. You also can find lease information magazines in bookstores.

Please refer to  “Real Estate Agents and Lease Information Magazines” on the page of Residence Life Center of Waseda University.

In principle, you are responsible for finding a cosigner by yourself. However, if you are unable to find a cosigner, you can contact the related company Waseda University Property Management Corp. Student Housing Center.

Waseda University Property Management Corp. Student Housing Center


There is no scholarship for the students of this program.


Some students proceed to Graduate School to study Japanese Language further or their major subjects, some find jobs in Japan or in their countries, and some return to their universities.

Center for Japanese Language offer Short-term Japanese Program. Please click here for further information.

Japanese Language Program Courses are held on Waseda Campus.

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