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【Information】Information session and trial lecture of translation course at University of Leeds, 11/9(Mon)

Professor Mark Williams, who teaches English-Japanese translation at the graduate school of University of Leeds, will visit Waseda University to introduce the lecture which is actually taught by him at the university.

The professor who studies Japanese literature after the World War II is going to talk about the important points and the tips of Japanese-English translation from the text of “The Girl Left Behind” that is wrote by Shusaku Endo and the professor had translated in 1994.

This is a recommended lecture for those who want to work using English or work as a translator in the future, and also for those who are interested in studying abroad in the UK. We hope you could join this lecture. The detail information is as follows;

【Date and Time】Mon, Nov. 9th 2015 6:15PM~7:15PM
○ Information session of translation course at University of Leeds: 6:15PM~6:30PM
○ Trial lecture of Japanese-English translation: 6:30PM~7:15PM

【Place】Waseda University No. 11 Building, Room 506



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