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【Important Announcement】Regarding Study Abroad at UK

For the students thinking of going to the UK to study

Language Requirement for the UK Visa application

As a result of changes in the rules regarding visas to enter the UK by the UKVI (UK Visa and Immigration), taking an English proficiency test other than TOEFL has become a requirement in order to acquire the needed application form (CAS) to obtain a visa to study abroad in the UK.
TOEFL is not accepted as a test to certify your English ability


For applying study abroad programs for the fall 2016, it is mandatory for applicants to acquire certain IELTS score required by applying university. Moreover, if you are applying for EX programs and CS-L programs which are mainly focused on English language studies, it is required to achieve a certain level of IELTS for UKVI test, which has a different form from the general IELTS (Academic) test. It is highly recommended to take the exam well in advance to the application.


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