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【Application deadline: Oct. 13th】 Universität Hamburg invites students from partner universities worldwide to participate in four virtual German language courses

※The course has capacity for enrollment and you have possibility to be unenrolled by the limit.
Virtual German language courses for students from partner universities
 Universität Hamburg invites students from partner universities worldwide to participate in four virtual German language courses. The courses will begin on 18 October 2021 and end on 29 January 2022. They cover advanced levels B1 and B2 (CEFR):●B1 Phonetik – online – Level B1, Mo 10:15-11:45 local time Hamburg (CET)Credits: 3 ECTS
Präsentieren – online – Level B1, Mo 12:15-13:45 local time Hamburg (CET)Credits: 3 ECTS
B1.2 – online – Level B1.2, Thu 10:15-13:45 local time Hamburg (CET)Credits: 6 ECTS
Präsentieren – online – Level B2, Thu 18:15-19:45 local time Hamburg (CET)Credits: 3 ECTSYou can sign in for a course only if you have the necessary language level (e.g. course level). This
can be proven either by a standardized German language test (Goethe, TestDaf, etc.) or by taking
a placement test (see below). For

course registration, please send an e-mail naming your
language level and your choice of course/s to Ms Annika Johannsen (
[email protected]by 13 October.Placement test for class registration: Fri, 8 October, 10:00 and 17:00 local time Hamburg (CET)

No registration is necessary for the test, you will find the Zoom link here.
Meeting-ID: 981 6214 8224; Password: DaFTestUHH.
To assess your language ability and CEFR level prior to taking the placement test, you can take
this online test:

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