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【As of 10/30】Announcement of Tentative applicants per program for Fall Recruitment (Deadline: Nov 4)

This is an announcement for tentative number of applicants for Study Abroad Fall Recruitment (Deadline: Nov 4).

The total number of applicants as of 10/30 13:00 is 225.

Please refer to the PDF file for the number of applicants per each program.


The deadline of the WEB application is at 17:00 November 4th.


All Study Abroad Programs for Fall Recruitment (Deadline: Nov. 2020) will be finalized on 30th (Fri).

If you applied for Programs whose status are “tentative” before 30th, please check their program requirements again because some requirements such as “student level on departure” or “language requirement” can be changed.

If you do not meet some requirements, you can change your application until 4th (Wed) 17:00.


We look forward to your application.


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