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[2020/10/26 Update]Study Abroad Fall Recruitment (Deadline: November 2020) Program List Summary

[Update (2020/10/26) ]

We have fixed a lineup of the study abroad programs as follows.

Due to the global spread of the novel coronavirus, the universities which Waseda University has partnerships with are very cautious about the execution of their study abroad programs. Therefore, some universities are not able to hold the programs. However, we have secured enough spots where those who wish to study abroad can fill in.

The number of programs is fewer than usual. Please carefully check the programs you really wish to participate, consider a budget for the study abroad, and work on your application materials.

We have increased the number of programs which you can apply for from the usual 7 to 10, enabling you to choose your desired programs more widely. You do not have to limit your applications to programs with a small capacity (popular schools or EX programs). You may apply for programs with a large capacity like CS programs in addition to those with a small capacity. Please consider well so that you can actually participate. (Please bear in mind that once you are accepted, basically you cannot cancel your participation. Choose any programs you are definitely willing to participate.)

We look forward to your applications.


Today is the final day for adding programs on Program List.

(The contents of all the programs will be finalized by Oct. 30th (Fri))


We will upload “Program Summary” on the page below on Oct. 26th (Mon).

Thank you for your waiting.


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