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Program List for Study Abroad Programs Fall Recruitment (Deadline: Nov. 2020) Now Open!

(1) Study Abroad Program List
The Center for International Education (CIE) has been updating the latest study abroad Program List. Please check the URL below to find the information regarding partner universities’ individual information (GPA, Language Proficiency, Academic Fees, etc).

(2) Important Notes
Please make sure to check the up-to-date information on the Program List as programs can be added
and/or updated.

※Schedule regarding the Program List (Please refer to (3) for other schedule.)

Date Contents Notes
October 23
Final Day for adding programs on Program List No more new programs will be added. However, the contents of some programs may not be finalized at this stage. Please refer to the section headed “CURRENT STATE” on the Program List.
October 30
Day for finalizing all the program information on the Program List The contents of all the programs will be finalized at this stage. However, if there are programs whose “CURRENT STATE” is 「最新情報収集中」[Not been updated yet], please be aware that there might some updates later on until it changes to 「確定情報」[Confirmed Information].

(3) Other Information
Please refer to the URL below for other schedule and details of the application.

As part of the preventative measures against the novel coronavirus infection, we, in principle, ask students to contact us using the online consultation service or by email.

※Before consulting with us, please refer to the “Study Abroad FAQ”(frequently asked questions) .

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