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Release of the Fall 2020 Study Abroad Fair Special Website

Due to the cancellation of the Fall 2020 Study Abroad Fair in-person, the Center for International Education, Waseda University will be opening the “Fall 2020 Study Abroad Fair Special Site” to provide a variety of information about study abroad online. This site will provide a wide variety of content, including information on the “Study Abroad Programs Fall Recruitment” (deadline in November 2020), which is scheduled to begin in October, as well as information on study abroad programs, and real-time events featuring students with study abroad experience. We hope you will take advantage of this site.

Fall 2020 Study Abroad Fair Special Site

【Online Event Notice!】

The CIE will hold an online event in place of the face-to-face study abroad fair that is held every year. Details will be announced on the CIE website and the special website for the Fall 2020 Study Abroad Fair as soon as they are decided! In preparation for this event, we are looking for questions from everyone who is thinking about studying abroad. For example,
“I’m thinking of studying abroad, but how do I decide on a program?”
“How many TOEFL points should I have?”
“What should I do for job hunting after returning from study abroad?”
If you have any questions or concerns about studying abroad, please use the form below to contact us.

【Fall 2020 Study Abroad Fair Question Form】
(*Question period- until September 27th 11:59 p.m.)
The questions we receive will be used as a reference for the online event.
Please note that depending on the number of questions, we may not be able to answer every question.

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