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【Important: from July 6, Monday】Opening of Center for International Education【Limited Hours of Operation for Office on the 4th Floor, Building #22, Closed for WGG】

As part of the preventative measures against the novel coronavirus infection, The Center for International Education at Waseda University has closed its office and, in principle, has answered all inquiries via email. However, starting July 6, the Center will reopen the office with the following hours. (The related notice has been sent to students via MyWaseda. Please read through this notice thoroughly, too.)


1. CIE Office (4th Floor, Building #22)

In addition to inquiries by email, the office will reopen over-the-counter services and start accepting inquiries by phone.

*Please allow enough time when visiting the counter for the on-duty staff are working in shifts. Also, it may be difficult getting through the phone. Please feel free to continue using email for inquiries. For inquiries about scholarships and status of residence, please see below.

Office Hours: 11:00 – 15:00 on weekdays
*Office will be closed on Saturdays, Sundays, and holidays.

For procedures related to status of residence, over-the-counter services will be suspended during the spring semester. Please be sure to check the following web page. Please also check the page during summer vacation because we regularly update it.

As for the confirmation of residence status of MEXT scholarship students, it will be processed with the application form of MyWaseda until August. We will send emails to applicable individuals each month. Please follow the steps written in the e-mail. For the confirmation of residence status from September, we will send information in August.

As for the confirmation of residence status of students other than MEXT scholarship students, it will continue to be done with email correspondence.


2. Waseda Global Gate(1st Floor, Building #22)

It will continue to be closed for the time being. However, services will be available with phone (03-3208-9602) and online. It may be difficult getting through the phone. Please see the following web page and make a reservation for the Online Consultation Service and make a full use of it.


3. Entrance to Building #22

You cannot enter the building from the 1st floor. You are admitted to enter the building from the 1st basement floor. Be sure to bring your student ID for you will be requested to show it upon entrance.

On the day you come to the office, take your temperature at home and make sure that it is at average body temperature and that you show no symptoms of the novel coronavirus infection. And when you are inside the building, please wear a mask at all times, wash your hands thoroughly, and disinfect your hands and fingers as often as possible.

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