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【2018 Oct Fall Recruitment】Announcement of Details for Essay Tests on October 13th *Program Added


Saturday, October 13th, 2018


Waseda Campus, Building #15, class room # 02


  • Essay Test for English Double Degree Programs, Advanced Scholars’ Program
    [Meeting Time]  9:50
    [Test Time]  10:00-11:00
    [Programs] *Program Added
    *English Double Degree Program:National University of Singapore (DD), Earlham College (DD), Shanghai Jiao Tong University (DD)
    *Advanced Scholars’ Program:Yale University (Y-VISP/CS-R), Oxford University Hertford College (CS-R), Oxford University St. Peters College (CS-R), University of Pennsylvania (CS-R)

What to bring

  1. Student ID  card
  2. Writing  utensils

There is no need for registration to take this test. Please check the time and venue of each exam and make sure to be on time.
You must take the test in order to apply for any of the listed programs.


Mon. Oct 22nd

*Results will be announced vie My WASEDA under “Announcements”.
*Only those who have passed the test will be able to apply to the listed programs.
*Those who failed the test will be able to change their preferred programs on the WEB registration until 17:00 on Oct. 26th.

For further details on the Screening and Application process, please be sure to read the Application Guideline.

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