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Academic English Course and TOEFL iBT Course by CIE, Waseda

Since Waseda would like you to improve as much your English language ability as possible before your departure to overseas universities, we are ready to provide you with the following opportunities in order for you to leverage both your language skill. We believe that the course will help you with your future challenge in the near future.

Candidates for the following universities must apply for this course. Otherwise, your nomination will be withdrawn after our considerable thoughts.

St Peter’s College, University of Oxford, CS-R, English
University of Pennsylvania, CS-R, English
Yale University, CS-R, English
National University of Singapore, DD
Earlham College, DD

【Application Forms】 Please click on the titles you want to choose so that you can fill in your application form
Academic English Course for long-term study-abroad candidates
13:00-16:15, from 5th of Feb to 9th of Feb

【Tuition Fee】
※16,000Yen (Tax included)

【Application Period】
From 9:00, 18th of Dec to 23:59, 21st of Jan 2018

For your further inquiry, please contact to the CIE office, Waseda University.

早稲田大学留学センター 留学準備講座担当
[email protected]

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