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【Free Admission】 The 30th Celebration Party for Overseas Students Exchange

The Celebration party will be held to celebrate the Chinese New Year and over 400 overseas students from Tokyo area will be gathering for this event.
It is free for you to join, so take this opportunity for your networking with other overseas students. Delicious meals will be provided, too!

  • Organized by : Bridge Asia Foundation
  • Supported by: Waseda University
  • Admission: 200 overseas Waseda students (First come first served basis)
    100 Japanese Waseda students(First come first served basis)
  • Participation: Free of charge
  • Date: Friday, 16th of February 2018, 6:30pm to 9:00pm
  • Venue: Royal Hall, Rihga Royal Hotel Tokyo

☆There will be a chance to win a great prize, and delicious meals and stage performance are also available during the event.

  • How to enroll for the event: Access to MyWaseda’s application form(申請フォーム)for enrolment.
    Enter your information on the form such as your name, student ID number, your school at Waseda, year of study, gender, nationality and email address.
  • Please access the form from the link:
  • Enroll by:5pm on February 14, 2018
  • Inquries: Center for International Education [email protected]
    When making inquiry, write “Bridge Asia” on your email title.


*What’s Bridge Asia Foundation?

Non-Profit Organization supporting overseas students through scholarships and cultural exchanges between Japan and Asian countries.

The organization was established 30 years ago, 1988 by the founder, Mr. Takemoto, and started activities by supporting overseas students by himself, as per experiences in the USA that brought him a lot of difficulties and cultural and language barriers.

At first, the activity started at a yakiniku restaurant (Korean style barbeque restaurant) for a small group of Korean students who was not able to go back to their home country during Lunar New Year.  After year by year, network of students became larger and the dinner at the time of the year continued for around 10 years.

While the opportunity was offered by Mr. Takemoto by his own hospitality for the first 10 years, the event has become known to public and since year 2000, the celebration party hosts around 300 up to 500 overseas students.

In year 2002, the organization was officially recognized as NPO namely Bridge Asia & World, and year 2008 the name of the organization changed to Bridge Asia Foundation and it has well social environment to continuing support for overseas students.

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