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*Schedule Released* for Study Abroad Fall Recruitment (Deadline: Oct 2017)

The schedule and Application guide for Study Abroad Fall Recruitment (Deadline: Oct 2017) has been released.

Programs provided in this recruitment includes CS(1 semester) programs starting Spring 2018, and 1 year programs starting Fall 2018.
For further details about each of the programs, please be sure to check the Program List, which will be updated accordingly.

For more information about the recruitment session, such as Recruitment Guides and Application Documents, please refer to this page.

There are programs which require Essay Tests before the deadline of Web Application. Also some programs require Interview Examination in November.
Please be sure to check the schedule.

We have summarized some points we wish for you to notice in the following  PDF.

  1. Applicants for Chinese Progams
  2. Programs which require Essay Tests
  3. Applicants for English Programs (in Japanese)

【For Program List】

【For Application Guide】

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