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WASEDA scholarships and JASSO scholarship

To JASSO scholarship recipients
If you have returned from your host university because of the Novel Coronavirus, please carry out the following procedures:

  1. Students who will definitely not go back to their host university
    ⇒Refer to information about “receiving scholarships and procedures during/after your study abroad,” and apply for a change to your final month of scholarship payment. Please also submit the required post-program documents in order of completion.

  2. Students who might go back to their host university (returned home temporarily)
    ⇒Please let us know your arrival date in Japan, along with your re-departure date to your host country at: [email protected]

Reservation-Type Scholarship "The Glory of Waseda (Waseda-no-Eiko)"

This scholarship is awarded to students who have difficulty studying abroad due to financial reasons. It is a grant-type, in-house scholarship in which the screening, selection, and announcement of results is carried out before the student applies for a study abroad program.
Our aim is to make study abroad programs achievable to more students by making it possible to plan a budget that takes into account, in advance, the amount to be received by the scholarship.As this is a reservation-type scholarship, the application period is different from other in-house study abroad scholarships.

Eligibility ①Students having Japanese nationality or permanent resident (including special permanent residence) status.

②Students studying abroad for a half-term or longer through the DD, EX, or CS programs according to the inter-university exchange agreement to be applied for at the Center for International Education.

③The combined income and earnings of both parents of the applicant shown on the income certificate(s) for fiscal year Heisei 31 must meet the below requirements.

  •  Employment income and pension income amount (before taxation): less than 8,000,000 yen (including income from pensions and real estate, etc.)
  •  Other business incomes: less than 3,500,000 yen
    ※If there are 2 or more sources of income and earnings, the combined amount will be evaluated comprehensively

④Students showing excellent academic performance.

Amount of scholarship For half-term: 500,000 yen
For 1 year or more (including DD): 1,100,000 yen
Number of recipients Maximum 18 for spring applicants and autumn applicants combined (tentative)

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)

This scholarship is awarded by the Japan Student Services Organization, which is an independent administrative organization affiliated with the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology.
The Center for International Education recommends candidates to JASSO, and the final selection of recipients is carried out by JASSO. Usage of the awarded funds must conform to the requirements set out by JASSO.

Eligibility Students studying abroad through a Center for International Education study abroad program (minimum 8 days) who fulfill all of the below requirements ①~⑦
Amount of scholarship 60,000 ~ 100,000 yen per month
※varies according to region
Duration Maximum 12 months
Number of recipients Long-term study abroad program: approximately 252
Short-term study abroad program: approximately 170
※The number of recipients may vary greatly depending on the academic year.
※Fulfilling the requirements will not be a guarantee that all applicants will be recommended to JASSO.
Requirements ①The student has Japanese citizenship or permanent residency status in Japan.

② The student is permitted entry by the host university etc. on the basis of agreements etc. concerning student exchange. (Students selected as study abroad candidates by the university through internal screening are considered as meeting this requirement.)

③ The student shows outstanding academic performance at Waseda University and is of excellent character, etc. In addition, at the time of screening at Waseda University, the student’s GPA according to JASSO’s calculation formula for the prior academic year must be 2.30 or higher (out of a total of 3.00 points). If the student does not have grades for the prior academic year, calculations shall be made from grades from the prior semester at the time of screening.

【JASSO’s Calculation Formula】
The grade evaluation coefficients are as follows. Evaluation points:
A+ and A = 3 points
B = 2 points
C = 1 point
Failed = 0 points

The above are multiplied by the number of credits, and that number is then divided by the total number of registered credits (rounded off to the 3rd decimal place).

The below total:
([the number of credits that earned 3 evaluation points]
×3)+([the number of credits that earned 2 evaluation points] ×2)+([the number of credits that earned 1 evaluation point] ×1)+([the number of credits that earned 0 evaluation points] ×0)
is divided by the total number of registered credits.
Caution: This formula is different from Waseda University’s grade evaluation coefficient calculation formula. If the courses you took do not utilize a credit system, make the calculation by using the number of all of the subjects you took instead of the number of your credits.

④ The student has difficulty covering expenses to participate in a study abroad program without financial aid, due to monetary reasons.
As a general rule, students matching the household budget standards of JASSO’s Type 2 scholarship will be given priority. However, depending on the situation of scholarship payment percentages, students confirmed as “having difficulty covering expenses to participate in a study abroad program without financial aid, due to monetary reasons” at Waseda University will also be eligible.

【Changes for Academic Year 2019】
Household Budget Standard(Reference)

Excerpt from the JASSO website (as of February 18, 2019)

⑤ The student is definitely able to acquire a visa necessary to participate in a study abroad program in the country or region that the host university etc. is located in.

⑥ The student will, after completing the study abroad program, return to Waseda University and continue to study or obtain a degree from Waseda University.

⑦ If the student, in participating in a study abroad program, is to receive a scholarship from other organizations etc., the monthly payment from that other organization etc. shall not exceed that received through this scholarship.

1.  Scholarship recipients chosen in AY2019 and thereafter cannot joint-receive funds from an overseas study support system.
2.  In order to be accepted as a scholarship recipient and receive scholarship payments, the student’s enrollment needs to be confirmed every month.

Please note that payments cannot be made for months without enrollment confirmation. After returning from the host country, please submit the completion report documents stipulated by JASSO, to the Center for International Education.

Please note that if you do not submit the completion report documents, you may be demanded to pay back (refund) the money that you received.

WASEDA Supporters Club (WSC) Members Fund Global Leader Support Scholarship

Eligibility Those among undergraduate students who will study abroad through the Center for International Education’s study abroad programs (double degree program and 1-year exchange program), and who show especially outstanding academic performance
Amount of scholarship Total 1,000,000 yen
Number of recipients 15

※Recipients must attend the scholarship receipt certificate award ceremony hosted by the CIE (usually scheduled to be held in July every year).

Waseda University student exchange scholarship

Eligibility Students who fulfill the Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO) Student Exchange Support Program (Agreement-Based Study Abroad) Scholarship’s requirements ②~⑥ AND ALSO fulfill the requirements ⑧ and ⑨ below:

⑧The duration of the student’s study abroad is longer than a half-term and a maximum of 1 year.
⑨The student is not receiving a scholarship for study abroad.

Amount of scholarship Total 250,000 yen
Number of recipients 150

Alumni association study abroad scholarship

Eligibility Students who are studying for 1 year through the Center for International Education’s CS Program at Oxford University, Cambridge University, Yale University, the University of Pennsylvania, or the University of Chicago. The student must be highly motivated toward studying abroad and be of outstanding character.
Amount of scholarship Total 1,500,000 yen
(Payments equivalent to the scholarship amount are planned to be remitted directly to the host university.)
Number of recipients 5

※CS Programs at the University of Chicago and Cambridge University are currently unavailable.

※Recipients will be required attend events etc. that are hosted by the Student Affairs Division, Scholarships and Financial Assistance Section.

Howard Hagiya Scholarship

This scholarship was established through a donation from Howard Hagiya (Hagiya Hiroshi, (graduate of the First School of Commerce in 1963), the founder of the Shurjoint Group based in Taiwan.

Eligibility Undergraduate students having Japanese citizenship studying in Taiwan through the Waseda Double Degree Program
Amount of scholarship Total 800,000 yen.
Number of recipients 2

Arai Takanobu study abroad scholarship

This scholarship was established through a donation from Haruko, mother of the late Arai Takanobu (graduate of the School of Science, Industrial Management Department), a Waseda alumni.

Eligibility A student currently enrolled in a bachelor’s or master’s degree in Waseda University who will study for more than one semester at Chicago University. Japanese nationality is required.
Amount of scholarship Total 180,000 yen.
Number of recipients 1
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