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【Important Notice】No information is available until further notice. We are sorry not to disseminate information about our partner’s summer school at the moment that we want to minimize the impact of COVID-19 infections among Waseda students.

Utilize your time effectively after coming back from a long-term study abroad! Retain your English ability by “Theme Studying!”

These are short-term programs hosted by partner universities that are held for 2-4 weeks mainly around June to August (some from December to January). They are not language programs, but rather studies based on themes. They are held when classes are in session at Waseda University, so these theme studies are recommended for students who have just come back to Japan from a long-term study abroad. Take note that there are two types of these short-term study programs hosted by partner universities—“Programs that require nomination by Waseda University” which need the nomination by the Center for International Education, and “Programs applied on an individual basis” which require you to apply directly to partner universities on your own.


  • Many of the programs are held when classes are still in session at Waseda University, so please be careful how your participation will effect courses you take at Waseda University. If you are currently studying abroad, be sure to check on your own if participating in theme study programs will affect your classes.
  • Only full-time regular students may apply.
  • You will need to obtain airline tickets on your own.
  • Questions about programs should be asked directly to the host universities.

Programs requiring nomination by Waseda University

For the following programs, you are required to be nominated by Waseda University before you apply to the partner universities. First, submit designated documents (specified Waseda University application form, written oath, etc.) to the Center for International Education of Waseda University by the internal deadline. You cannot apply past the deadline, or apply directly to the partner universities.

After you are chosen to participate in a program, apply for the designated international mobile phone and travel insurance by following guidance from the Center for International Education (mandatory).

You cannot cancel your participation once you are nominated. If there is an unavoidable circumstance that will not allow your participation, consult with Center for International Education and the university hosting the theme study program. Please take note that you may be required to pay a cancellation fee even if you are allowed to cancel.

※If you are expected to graduate from Waseda within a year and your planned program at a partner university continues over 15 March or 15 September onwards, you cannnot apply for the program because you will not be a Waseda student after your graduation from Waseda.

【Nomination by Waseda University】Programs

No application is available now.

・Nanyang Technological University (Singapore)
GEM Trailblazer Summer 2020

【Internal Application Deadline】28 February, 2020
【Program Duration】
6-week programme: 17 June – 31 July 2020
4-week programme: 1 July – 31 July 2020
2-week programme: 1 July – 17 July 2020; 15 July to 31 July 2020
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・University of Sydney (Australia)
Short Term 2020

【Internal Application Deadline】28 February, 2020
【Program Duration】
Session A: 2 June, 2020 – 15 July, 2020
Session B: 23 June, 2020 – 24 July, 2020
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・Shanghai International Studies University (China)
Chinese Culture Summer Program 2020

【Internal Application Deadline】14 February, 2020
【Program Duration】6 July, 2020 – 24 July, 2020
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・Wuhan University (China)
2020 Luojia International Summer Program
【Internal Application Deadline】28 February, 2020
【Program Duration】31 March, 2020
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・Universities of Heinrich Heine University (Germany)
Scholarships for International Summer Courses (German) for Students / Doctoral Researchers

【Internal Application Deadline】till 16:00, February 7th,2020
【Program Duration】
4 weeks: 20 July – 14 August 2020
2 weeks: 20 July – 31 July 2020 or 3 August – 14 August 2020
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【Programs that require nomination by Waseda University】What to submit

  • University study abroad program written oath
  • Written statement of purpose
    For programs taught in English: approximately 200-300 words, free format
    For programs taught in a language other than English: Approximately 400 Japanese letters, or approximately 200-300 English words
  • A photocopy of a Certificate of language proficiency (TOEFL, etc.)
    ※Some programs do not require certificates of language proficiency when applying
  • A photocopy of your student ID
  • A photocopy of your passport
  • Additional documents required by the program you are applying to (if any)

【Programs that require nomination by Waseda University】Where to submit documents

Center for International Education, Waseda University (1st fl. of bldg.#22, Waseda Global Gate)
e-mail: [email protected]
Phone number: 03-3208-9602 (Mon-Sat, 10:00-17:00)
※Take note that the office is closed during summer, winter, and spring vacation.
※Questions concerning details of programs should be asked directly to the universities that host the programs.

【Programs that require nomination by Waseda University】programs in the past for your reference

Programs applied on an individual basis

The following programs require students to apply directly to the partner universities.
※You are obliged to apply for an overseas travel insurance on your own in order to participate in the following programs.


・UC-Berkeley and University of Copenhagen. (Chiang Mai, Thailand)
2020 IARU Summer School “Borderland: Critical Approaches to Field Research in the Global South”

【Application Deadline】1 March, 2020
【Program Duration】29 June, 2020 – 21 July, 2020
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・The Chinese University of Hong Kong (CUHK) (China)
Summer Undergraduate Research Programme (SURP)

【Application Deadline】 17 February, 2020
【Program Duration】27 June, 2020 – 22 August, 2020
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・National Taiwan University & National Chiao Tung University(Taiwan)
2019 AEARU Innovation & Entrepreneurship Winter Program

【Application Deadline】 from December 29, 2019 to January 4, 2020
【Program Duration】Please see a page of “Course” for each program
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Central - South America

・Rio de Janeiro State University (Brazil)
UERJ Rio de Janeiro Summer Session 2020

【Application Deadline】Please contact to the partner university for further details
【Program Duration】January 27, 2020 – February 14, 2020
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・University of Jyväskylä (Finland)
Summer School in Human Sciences 2020

【Application Deadline】1 March, 2020
【Program Duration】18 May, 2020 – 12 June, 2020
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・Venice International University (Italy)
Global Shakespeare: Othello’s Venice in the World

【Application Deadline】1 March, 2020
【Program Duration】6 July, 2020 – 11 July, 2020
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・University of Oslo (Norway)
The International Summer School (ISS)

【Application Deadline】
Online application system will work from 4th of December
Scholarship applicants: 1 February 2020
Self-financed applicants:1 March 2020
【Program Duration】20 June, 2020 – 31 July, 2020
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・University of Bristol (England)
International summer schools 2020

【Application Deadline】Either 1 February, 2020 or 1 March, 2020, depending on your programs
【Program Duration】
① 5 July – 18 July
② 7 June – 27 June
③ 18 July – 8 August
④ 19 July – 8 August
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・Venice International University (Italy)
VIU Summer Institute on Ageing | Long Term Care

【Application Deadline】29 February, 2020
【Program Duration】15 June, 2020 – 19 June, 2020
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・Venice International University (Italy)
Micro and Macro-institutional Conditions of Transformation

【Application Deadline】28 February, 2020
【Program Duration】16 June, 2020 – 19 June, 2020
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・Venice International University (Italy)
Graduate Seminar Climate Change Mitigation: Carbon Capture and Utilization

【Application Deadline】20 February, 2020
【Program Duration】22 June, 2020 – 26 June, 2020
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・Venice International University (Italy)
International PhD Academy on Cities and Water in a Time of Climate Change
【Application Deadline】15 February, 2020
【Program Duration】1 June, 2020 – 5 June, 2020
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・Charles University in Prague (Czech Republic)
“Spring University Prague 2020: European Identity between Unity and Diversity”

【Application Deadline】17 February, 2020
【Program Duration】20 July, 2020 – 7 August, 2020
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・Venice International University (Italy)
International PhD Academy on Light: Its Nature and Its Use

【Application Deadline】25 January, 2020
【Program Duration】11 May, 2020 – 15 May, 2020
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・Venice International University (Italy)
International PhD Academy on Quantitative Methods in Legal Studies

【Application Deadline】31 January, 2020
【Program Duration】25 May, 2020 – 30 May, 2020
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・University of East Anglia (UK)
Fully funded International Summer School

【Application Deadline】20 January, 2020
【Program Duration】28 June, 2020 – 21 August, 2020
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North America

・University of California, San Diego (U.S.A.)

【Application Deadline】14 February, 2020
【Program Duration】28 June, 2020 – 29 August, 2020
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・University of Adelaide (Australia)
Winter School 2020

【Application Deadline】1 March, 2020
【Program Duration】
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・University of Queensland, Faculty of Business, Economics and Law (Australia)
2020 Queensland in July short course

【Application Deadline】
Early bird deadline – 1 March 2020
Final deadline – 30 April 2020
【Program Duration】29 June, 2020 – 18 July, 2020
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【Programs applied on an individual basis】programs in the past for your reference

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