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English-based Graduate Programs


Admission information is available from the “List of Graduate Schools” below. As each school has different admissions requirements and schedule, please check the Application Guidelines of your Desire Graduate School from the list.

Also, you can find prospective supervising professors and departments with keywords you would like to study. Please refer to “Researchers Database” in order to find your school and professor related to your area of interest.


  • Admission information, such as the applicant eligibility, application documents, screening methods and schedule etc. is described on the application guidelines. Guidelines and designated forms for application are provided on the website of each graduate School. No application packets, containing application guidelines and documents, are distributed.

List of Graduate Schools

Form for Individual Eligibility

If you have some doubt for your eligibility, please contact the International admissions office before submitting the form for individual eligibility via E-mail.

List of Tuition

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