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WU Zeying, CJSP Graduate Student

CJSP Graduate Student (Master's Program) WU Zeying

CJSP Graduate Student (Master’s Program)
WU Zeying

As a graduate student in International Relations, I am particularly interested in Sino-Japanese relations and contemporary Japanese society. With a diverse faculty from different disciplines, the CJSP offers a variety of courses covering all aspects of Japanese studies. In addition, the flexible course-taking system in the Graduate School of Social Sciences allows me to choose related courses from other graduate schools and the Japanese Language Center at Waseda University as well as courses at the undergraduate level from the School of Social Sciences if necessary.

Based on my research interests, I was assigned a supervisor expert in my fields, who can provide me with academic help and supervision on both professional knowledge and research methods. By having personal discussions with the supervisor and group debates with other graduate students with similar research interests in small classes, I have gained deep insights into Japanese society.

Beyond the classes, through field trips, workshops, seminars, etc., the program also offers me different kinds of practice opportunities to have broad exposures to the real life in Japanese society. With these personal experiences and observations, I can better reflect on what I am studying and discussing in the classes and achieve a better understanding of Japanese society.

Though the CJSP has just started off, it is by all means a great choice for students who are interested in Japanese society. As a student currently studying in the program, I am looking forward to seeing more fellows come and join!

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