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Announcement to the Applicants from China affected by the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

To the Applicants from China Affected by the Novel Coronavirus Outbreak

Due to the outbreak of the Novel Coronavirus (COVID-19) in China, the Admissions Office, the Graduate School of Social Sciences, has decided to accept digital copies of application documents first, and extend the deadline for submission of original documents. Please carefully read and follow three steps below and submit application materials by the designated deadline.
* Please note this alternative measure is only for those living in People’s Republic of China who cannot submit the required application documents during the Second Application Period of AO Admission for September 2020 Entry, the English-taught degree program, due to the Coronavirus outbreak.

1. Complete the payment of screening fee during the Second Application Period as directed in the Application Guidelines. Please note that this deadline will NOT be extended.

<Deadline for Screening Fee payment> March 3 (JST), 2020

For more detail, please refer to the Application Guidelines;

2. If the international shipments are not regularly functioning in your area as a result of the Coronavirus outbreak*, please submit digital copies of all required application documents as PDF files by the following deadline.

<Deadline for Submission of Digital Copies> 11:59 PM (JST) March 3, 2020

*Reasons may include university being closed, border controls, and delay/cancellation of shipment etc.

3. Post the original documents via courier service by the following deadlines once the international shipment came back to normal service.

<List of Application Documents which requires the original paper versions being submitted>

>Application forms with three color photographs
>Graduation Certificate
>Degree Certificate
>Academic Transcripts
>Letter of Recommendation
>Statement of Financial Resources

<Deadlines for Submission of the Original Documents>

First deadline : 5:00pm (JST) April 30, 2020*
Second deadline: 12:00pm (JST) May 7, 2020*
Third deadline: 5:00pm (JST) May 19, 2020*
Fourth deadline: 5:00pm (JST) July 30, 2020*
Final deadline: 3:00pm (JST) September 18, 2020*

*Documents must reach the Admissions Office, the Graduate School of Social Sciences by this date. The applications with the original documents submitted after the second deadline (May 7, 2020) will be treated as conditional admission. The applications which had failed to submit the above original documents by the final deadline (Sep. 18, 2020) will be turned down and the admissions will be canceled no matter what the reasons are.

a). If your university is shut down due to the coronavirus outbreak and you are unable to obtain required certificates, please attempt to prepare for possible substitutes such as a screenshot of academic performance shown on the students’ academic portal site.
b). If the Admissions Office, the Graduate School of Social Sciences is not provided with any materials by the application deadline (March 3, 2020) which show the applicant’s application qualification, the application will not be accepted.
c). To submit the PDF files, please title your e-mail “xxxx xxxxxx(Your name) GSSS AO Admission Application 2020”, attach the digital copies and send your e-mail to the Admissions Office, Graduate School of Social Sciences. When we received the e-mail, we will respond within six days to confirm that your e-mail was received. If your e-mail is not properly titled as above, the confirmation of receipt may be delayed.
d). Please be sure to state the reason why you are unable to post the documents in your e-mail. If your university is shut down, it is appreciated if you could tell the estimated re-open time.
e). If you have not received a response from us by Monday March 9, please send an inquiry by e-mail. For this purpose, applicants are suggested to keep the e-mail in the “sent mail” folder so that they could show when they sent the applications by e-mail.

Please kindly note that the measures mentioned above are in effect as of February 17, 2020. The Admissions Office, the Graduate School of Social Sciences, may take additional measures should the virus infection continue to spread and the social infrastructures remain unstable.


*** Sending Applications and Inquiry ***
Admissions Office, Graduate School of Social Sciences, WASEDA University
E-Mail : [email protected]


February 15, 2020

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