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Necessary procedures before leaving Japan (For Graduation)

Verify the necessary procedures you must follow before leaving.

Things to do regarding your campus life.

  • Return your Student Card, Campus Card, Parking Permit to IPS Office.
  • Apply for an official transcript, certificate of graduation, etc.
    —-Check “Issuance of Certificate” on IPS Square.
  • Return the book(s) you borrowed at a library.
  • Cancel your Univ. Coop card at Coop office.

Things to do regarding your daily life and resident status

Moving Out of the dormitory and apartment
  • If you are in the dormitory, inform the IPSRC Office of your moving date.
  • Apartment: Inform the real-estate company of your moving date.
    — Check the lease agreement and then inform the real estate company of your moving date roughly one or two month before.
  • Clean your room thoroughly and dispose of any garbage in accordance with the garbage collection rules in your resident area.

■Utilities (Water, Gas, Electricity)

  • Contact your utilities provider roughly one week before to let them know the cancellation date.
  • Pay the utility charges by convenience store payment or automatic bank withdrawal without fail.

  ○Cancel via website   
Gas————-SAIBUGAS Co.,Ltd.


  • Cancel your contract with the Internet service provider.


◆Large Waste Items / Bulky Waste (For a charge)
Apply for the special collection to dispose of Large waste items and Specified Kinds of Home Appliances (ex, fridge, TV, laundry machine). These items are collected by reservation and for a fee. Procedures differ by area of residence. Please check the website below and then complete certain procedure in advance.
<Website of City of Kitakyushu>
○Special collection for Large Waste Items
○Special Collection by Specified Kinds of Home Appliances Low

Procedure At Ward Office

When you return to your country permanently, please be sure to submit “Moving-out Notice” to the ward office.
If you forget this, you will continue to be billed for National Health Insurance even after you return home.

What to bring:
Residence Card, Student Card, Passport, National Insurance Card, Individual Number Card, Pension book.

  • Submit “Moving-out Notice” to the ward office
  • National Health Insurance/Pension
    If you registered in National Health Insurance, please cancel it and return your health insurance card at ward office.
At the Airport
  • Return your Resident Card to an Immigration Inspector
Other Things
  • Close your bank/postal savings account if you are no longer using it to make payments or receive income.
  • Cancel your mobile phone contract.
  • Cancel your credit card, etc.
Visa, Status of Residence

■Student->Designated Activities (to continue job hunting in Japan)
If you wish to continue job hunting after completing your degree, you need to change your status to “Designated Activities.”
Check IPS Square>Visa, Status of Residence

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