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About the School

Research Field

Information Architecture

Designing new uses of information, from media to management engineering

  • Coverage of the entire field of information and telecommunications, with special emphasis on educational research in its application.
  • Development of applications and networks requiring state-of-the-art theory and academic-industrial cooperation.
  • Education that accommodates those transferring from outside the fields of science and technology, and that supports the development of a wide range of careers.

Research Area

  • Information and communication model
  • Computational intelligence
  • Language and media information
  • Social and management informatics
  • Robotics & mechatronics
  • Fiber-optic systems

Information and technologies encircling smart society

Safe and secure society and comfortable environment comprised of human, information and things. The information architecture field is tackling research on information and system technologies in wide spectrum and its application, which support upcoming smart society.

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Valuing practical education

Information Architecture experiment (Example)

  • Understanding IP networks
  • Network design and construction
  • Intranet management
  • Web application development
  • Database linked-system development

An enhanced environment for education and research

The Information Architecture Laboratory, where you can experience information technology yourself.I field testing

Production Systems

Investigating production system for the 21th century with advanced theory and technology

  • Covering all essential domains for productive activity from development to materials, assembly/manufacture, measurement, control, diagnosis, logistics, and management.
  • Training researchers and highly skilled engineers to meet the challenges of a globalized manufacturing industry in Asia and the world.
  • Education and research with full coverage of both software and hardware in a practical ambiance.

Research Area

  • Machine Design and Robotics
  • Sensor, Advanced materials, and Applied measurement
  • Intelligent and Process Control system
  • Process monitoring and Equipment management
  • Management and Production information system

Subjects of research in the Production Systems field

Subjects of research in the Production Systems field include a wide range of technical domains covering all manufacturing activities.

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Cooperation with regional industries

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Practical equipment environment

The engineering training room of the production system field contain most of the equipment found in general factories, such as industrial robots, sequence controllers, plant simulators, deterioration diagnosis devices, and remote management devices.

Integrated Systems

The world’s leading education and research for state-of-the-art LSI design and applications

  • Our research field covers a wide area from the system architecture to the next-generation LSI application systems, including both hardware and software.
  • All faculty members have experience in industries or research-institutes and can conduct the practical education and research.
  • State-of-the-art LSI design environment is provided for the development of integrated systems.
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Research and education for high performance and low-power systems, aiming at realization of ambient information society

Research Area

  • Multimedia and Image Information
  • Mobile Communication
  • Analog and High-frequency Circuits
  • Ultra Large-scale IC, High-speed and
  • Low-power LSI
  • LSI Design Automation
  • LSI Verification and Test

Distinctive features of the educational program

SoC Design and Test
  • Advanced Environment for LSI Design Training
  • Trial Design for Communication, Video-processing, etc.
Systematic Educational Course
  • Both Hardware and Software for SoC
  • Fundamental and Advanced Courses on Algorithms and Software
Education on SoC Design
  • Trial Design by using FPGA Devices
  • Chip Design and Evaluation

Collaboration with Industry

Joint research with Companies or Organizations of Electronics, Communication, Semiconductor, Automobile, etc.

Research collaboration, student exchange with oversea universities

Collaboration with Top-class universities such as  UCB (University of California, Berkeley), EPFL(Swiss Federal Institute of Technology Lausanne), Stanford University, National Taiwan University, Tsinghua University, Fudan University, Shanghai Jiaotong University, Zhejiang University, Nanjing University, Southeast University, Sichuan University, etc.

After Graduation

  • Career : Graduates are making their mark in a host of leading enterprises, research-institutes and Universities in both domestic and overseas.
  • Doctor Course : More than 60 Integrated Systems (Previously System LSI) students obtained their Doctoral degrees in the past.
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