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Scholarship program

To Japanese Students, Waseda University offers a variety of scholarships including our own amply funded on-campus scholarship program; private scholarship; and the Japan Student Service Organization’s student loan scholarships (Type 1 and 2). For full details of the 2018 scholarship programs, please refer to “Challenge Scholarship Information”, which will be distributed to those who have completed the entrance produce.
International students can avail themselves of a rich selection of scholarships. A tuition assistance system for privately financed overseas students provides 50% reductions of tuition according to scholastic achievement. There is also a scholarship for privately financed overseas students that offsets the admission fee, as well as foundation scholarships. Most are non-repayable grants. For details, please refer to the “International Students’ Handbook”, which will be distributed after entrance and which can be also viewed online on the page of the Center for International Education.
Please visit the pages of the Scholarship Section and the Center for International Education on our website.
* The above-mentioned scholarships are available to those who have paid the entrance fee and the first-term tuition and fees in full.

Scholarship you can apply before admission

Application for scholarships is, in principle, to be made after matriculation at IPS. However, application for some scholarships can be made prior to matriculation. Below is a list of some such scholarships for reference. If you are interested, please apply for each foundation or organization directly.

Scholarship by the Japanese Government(Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science and Technology)

For further information, please contact the Japanese Embassy or Consulate in the applicant’s country.

Scholarships by local municipal entities and private foundations

For further information, please refer to the website of Japan Student Services Organization(JASSO)

Achievement of adopted scholarship

Waseda University Young PhD Researcher Development Scholarship

With the goal to cultivate young talented PhD researchers, a new scholarship (500,000JPY paid annually up to three regular academic years, with stipulated requirements) has been established for PhD students. Students who fulfill the following requirements and complete the application forms as per request will qualify:


  1. Students enrolled after the 2009 academic year (excluding re-enrollment)
  2. Regular full-time doctoral students, who have not exceeded the standard number of years to completion of the degree
  3. Students under 30 years of age on April 1st of the year of receiving the scholarship
  • MEXT students, research associates and students who are exempt from paying tuition and fees are not eligible for this scholarship.
  • For details, please refer to the guide for application to be distributed after May 2011.
  • If the recipient wishes to continue the scholarship and meets all requirements, they must reapply each year.

For further details, please refer to Division of Scholarship Website


It is available after entrance. Then, download applications from IPS Square.

Tuition & Fee

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