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Toward a world-class graduate school that innovates the future. IPS

President, Waseda University

To solve the problems that are now occurring on a global scale and build a sustainable world, institutions of higher learning are being called on to globalize education and research. Waseda University, one of the top institutions in Japan, has inaugurated a “Waseda Vision 150” plan for evolving, by its 150th anniversary in 2032, into a university that turns out globally-oriented talent while internally recycling the environment. As the waters of globalization push in their tides, not only in the academic world but in every phase of life including politics, economics, and society, interest in Asia is likely to become especially intense.

The Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems (IPS), since its establishment in Kitakyushu in 2003 to pursue “cooperative creation of knowledge in the Asian-Pacific region,” has developed into a graduate school unlike any other. Its distinctive features are a cosmopolitan student community, with international students comprising about 80%, and a high standard of excellence in academics and research. With its large proportion of doctoral candidates, IPS is a scene of mutual stimulation between teachers from various backgrounds and outstanding students, not only from Japan but also from Asia and other regions of the world, who are pursuing research here. Through such activities as the hosting of an annual International Collaboration Symposium, IPS conducts exchanges both of science and technology and of talent with Asia’s leading universities in engineering and many other institutions. In such an environment, students at IPS are energized to extend themselves and seek new frontiers of innovation.

A decade since its founding, IPS already has graduates playing active roles in industry and even in pivotal positions at prominent educational or research facilities, at home and abroad. As this network expands throughout the world, it will not only enhance your education and research, but will also become a valuable resource in your future work. As a portal from Kitakyushu to Asia, IPS will continue striving to nurture global leaders who possess high aspirations, and to strengthen its presence among the graduate schools of the world. We invite you to take your place in this scene of cooperative creation which is IPS and boldly meet the challenges of innovative research for the future.

The road to global leadership starts from a diverse educational and research environment

Dean, Graduate School of IPS

“A place where people who want to learn gather from all over the world and devote themselves to their respective studies.” The Graduate School of Information, Production and Systems (IPS) was established on this concept in 2003 as one of Waseda University’s graduate schools of science and technology. IPS has continued growing as an institution of education and research unlike any other for more than a decade since then. It is because of that concept that people of varied nationalities, backgrounds, and cultures come together at IPS, each bringing a personal goal.

The curriculum of IPS incorporates many features designed to welcome and nurture just such a community of diverse, ambitious people. For example, the student is not assigned to a laboratory for the first six months after entry into the master’s program, but takes many classes in preparation for the full-scale research to come.This and the availability of both research-oriented and knowledge-oriented, lecture-intensive diploma programs are especially distinctive features. When you’re ready to begin research in earnest, you’ll choose your way forward from among the three broad fields of Information Architecture, Production Systems, and Integrated Systems, and proceed to acquire a wealth of learning through your research activities.

Information Architecture provides education and research based on a consideration of the current state of Information and Communication Technology, which deeply permeates the world around us today, and covering both hardware and software. Production Systems pursues the development of advanced, high-quality production methods through the introduction of production information systems utilizing Information and Communication Technology. Integrated Systems aims at the indispensable application of system LSI to the task of achieving compact, high-performance systems vital to such sectors as the smart home appliances of the future and the automotive industry. The three fields together mold global professionals possessing true collaborative ability through practical “collabo-learning” based on consigned research from corporations and joint research with overseas institutions.

May your will to learn and your aspiration to succeed at the global level lead you to IPS, where a richly cosmopolitan, diverse environment for education and research awaits you!

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