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How to apply for extension of period of stay (STUDENT VISA)

Extending your period of stay

A photo taken within the previous three months is required.
In order to extend this period, you must go to the Immigration Bureau and apply for the extension of stay, which is accepted from three months before up to the date the initial period of stay expires.

To find out more, please visit Waseda University VISA STATUS .

The following documents are necessary when applying for extension of period stay. Please submit following documents and make a procedure at Immigration Office.

Necessary documents

1. Application for Extension of period of stay

*Use black ink when filling out. Erasable ink such as “FRIXION” cannot be used.
*Double-sided printout is not accepted.

Application form is available on the immigration Bureau website or IPS Square.
A official seal of University is required on the application form.
Please fill out the form and bring it to IPS office with your residence card and student ID card and Description of Expenses (use designated form).

2.Passport, Residence Card, and 4,000JPY for procedure fees.


(New Students)
New Students are required to submit the transcript of University you were attending in Japan before enrolling at Waseda University.
1) If you had been attending Japanese language school, please obtain the transcript and certificate of attendance from Japanese language school.
2) In cases where you were non-degree student immediately before entering Waseda University, please obtain the document such as Certificate of Course Enrollment from University you were attending.

4.Certificate of Enrollment

5.Documents concerning defraying expenses


  • Necessary documents depend on individuals. Please contact the Immigration Office before you go.
  • If you need to repeat a year (Enchou-sei) , you have to submit additional documents to the Immigration Office.
    6) Letter of Explanation (Written Statements) by Applicants **A4 paper, Free Format
    ***Your signature and seal are required.
    7) Research Plan by your supervisor  **A4 paper, Free Format
    *Include scheduled period of education until graduation in your Research Plan
    ***Your Supervisor’s signature and seal are required.
  • When you have been granted an extension of your period of stay, please make sure to notify your school office and submit a “Status of Residence Notification Form” which notifies the University of your new status of residence validity period (within 14 days).

Fukuoka Immigration Bureau of Japan, Kitakyusu branch office

Address  :Kokura Joint Government Bldg. 4F,  5-1 Jonai, Kokura-Kita-ku, Kitakyushu City, Fukuoka
Phone  : 093-582-6915
FAX    : 093-582-5935

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