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1. Scholarship categories

The university has the following 3 categories of scholarship for international students with “Student” (留学/ Ryugaku) visa.

(1) Internal scholarships: This is Waseda University’s own scholarship system. Apply to the undergraduate school / postgraduate school in which you are enrolled.

(2) External scholarships / university recommendations (involving internal selection): Apply to the undergraduate school / postgraduate school in which you are enrolled.

(3) External scholarships / open recruitment (free application): Apply directly to the scholarship foundation.


For details please refer to the website of the Center for International Education (CIE).

* The details of scholarships may change.

* All of the scholarships involve selection.

* Many of the external scholarships require a high level of Japanese language ability.


2. Application eligibility

Only privately-financed international students with “Student” visa status and enrolled in a regular degree-seeking course can apply for a scholarship.

* Government sponsored international students and other students whose academic fees are borne by a foreign government or scholarship organization, etc., foreign exchange students and non-degree students are not eligible to apply.

* Some internal scholarships and scholarships of private organizations are open for most types of visa.

* If you are a student of foreign nationality whose residence status is “Permanent resident,” “Long-term resident” or “Spouse or child of Japanese national (permanent resident),” please apply for the same scholarships as Japanese students. In that case, a scholarship registration using Challenge is required.


3. Application method

The application method for scholarships differs depending on the undergraduate school or graduate school. For details, please inquire at the office of your undergraduate school / graduate school.


4. Bank account registration

To receive scholarships, you need to register your bank account information on MyWASEDA. Please refer to the manual for details.

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