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Waseda University Student Health Promotion Mutual Aid Association (April 2016~)

Those Eligible for Membership of the Waseda Student Health Association

  1. Regular graduate students including double-degree students
  2. Graduate research students

Amount excluded from the benefits

Members will be required to pay a fixed fee of 1000 yen per hospital each month which will be deducted from benefits received.


In the case you go to the same doctor several times in a month and pay 4,580JPY there,
Amount of Healthcare Benefit you receive : 3,580JPY ( =4,580JPY – 1,000JPY )

Required documents

Please fill out required items as the example in each case.

 Non-contracted Clinic, Hospital, Dental Clinic and Pharmacy

Each receipt must be glue on A4 size paper or must be copied on A4 size paper.

 Bone setting, Acupuncture, Massage Clinic

Itemized Receipt for Medical Payment

Have the clinic fill out the form in all cases.

 Information required in the receipt

The receipt must indicate all information including the patient’s name, date of medical service provided, name of the medical institution, the institution’s receipt stamp, medical fee points, and total money amount.

Transfer date of healthcare benefits

The middle of the next month after the deadline. The benefit will be paid to your bank account registered on MY Waseda.

Submission Deadline

Submit your application by the 10th of the third month following the month in which medical service was provided.

Maximum annual allowance

Maximum annual allowance: 60,000 yen

For more information, please refer to leaflet of Waseda University Student Health Insurance association or association official website.

If you don’t join National Health Insurance, you won’t be able to receive this benefit.

Notice when you are seen in HIBIKINO

Bring your student ID and health insurance card every time you visit Hibikino Dental Clinic.
Present your Student ID and health insurance card at the reception counter and tell the receptionist that you are a Waseda University student and that you are applying for the healthcare benefits provided by the Waseda Student Health Association.
Your medical care data are sent directly to the Association and processed.
You do not need to go through the application procedure for health care benefit.

**The Association’s healthcare benefit may not be granted without Student ID that proves your Waseda University Student Status.

Leaflet of Waseda University Student Health Insurance association


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