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Production Process

09chWe study safety and economic efficiency in the production process. In the production process of the manufacturing industry, two flows must be considered. One is the flow of merchandise distribution of material and product. The other is the flow of information that controls the merchandise distribution.
Of course, in the production process it is a prerequisite that production is carried out safety, and it is also important that efficiency is factored into a production.
Then, we develop a system that diagnoses trouble and abnormality, and we develop a system for deciding the scheduling of an economical production procedure.

A) Development of fault detection and diagnosis system
We have studied a system that detects and diagnoses a failure arises in chemical plants. For the fault diagnosis of the large-scale system, we developed the technique ‘SDG fault diagnosis method’, which can work quickly and logically, using the signed directed graph based on graph theory. In addition, we focus on development of the system which can estimate corrosion rates at surface of piping in chemical plants.

B) Development of Web-BTO system for Personal Computers
When users want to buy a new computer using present BTO (Build to Order) systems on the Web sites, it is not easy to use for beginners of personal computers and the systems do not have enough options for experts. Furthermore, it is also almost impossible to decide the configuration of computers in proportion to the intended purpose. We have developed a Web application which can automatically select the optimal configuration from a large number of components to meet the needs of purpose and budget for users with various knowledge levels.

C) Development of Rescue Team Support System using Wireless Network
In order to enhance security and work efficiency of rescue teams at the scene of a disaster, we developed a remote monitoring system which can keep track of team members’ situations and communicate each other during operation. We have developed the system using ZigBee devices as a wireless communication method in collaboration with a company.

  • Production Process
  • Simulation Techniques
  • Reliability Engineering
  • Information and Production Process

Master’s Theses

  • Fault detection and diagnosis in chemical plants
  • Development of a support system for selection of inspection points for surface corrosion of piping.
  • Development of an optimization method of PC components using performance data
  • Development of an automatic selection method in PC-BTO system
  • Rescue team support system using wireless communication, etc
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