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Professor IKENAGA Takeshi



Image Information Systems

03chWe believe various kinds of information systems, especially application SoC (System on Chip) targeting for video/image processing play an important role at coming ubiquitous & ambient IT society, where we can easily access any information at “anytime” and “anywhere” with “safe”and “comfortable”. My laboratory challenges to make such system/LSI a reality. Our current targets cover video compression (e.g. H.264/AVC, H.264/SVC, H.265/HEVC), video filter (e.g. super resolution, noise reduction), video recognition (e.g. feature point detection, object tracking) and video communication (e.g. UWB, LDPC, public key encryption). We also have interests in application-oriented many-core processor design.

  • Video Compression System
  • Video Recognition System
  • Video Communication System
  • Digital Signal Processing LSI
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