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Q. Do you have programs in English?

A. Yes. The master’s and doctor’s program allow you to obtain degrees taught only in English on the Political Science Course. The English language program is offered only to students joining the University in September for the master’s program, and to students joining the university in either April or September for the doctor’s course.

 Q. Is it possible to apply for a master’s program or professional degree course in the same period as applying to study as a non-degree student?

A. Yes. It is possible to apply in the same period. When doing so, please only pay the entrance examination fee for the master’s program or professional degree course. You do not need to pay the non-degree student selection fee when applying in the same period.

 Q. I am applying from overseas. Can I ask a friend in Japan to pay the entrance examination fee on my behalf?

A. Yes. It is possible for a proxy in Japan to pay the fee. In such cases, always make sure that the application is carried out in the name of the applicant.

Master’s Program

Q. Is there a need to contact in advance the professor from whom you wish to receive supervision?

A. No. There is no need for advance contact. Please be aware that it is not possible to specify a supervising professor in advance.

 Q. I have graduated from an English-speaking university. Do I need to submit an English language certificate (such as TOEFL)?

A. No. If English is your native language or if you graduated from a program held in English at an English-speaking university, you do not need to submit an English language certificate.

 Q. I will not receive my language test certificate or scorecard before the application deadline. What should I do?

A. If you will not receive your score by the application deadline, print out the scores you are able to view on the website and submit this instead. You will need to make an additional submission of your official score as soon as you receive it.

 Q. Can you issue me with a Certificate of Admission once I pass the entrance examination, as I need this to obtain a study visa?

A. Passing the entrance examination on its own is not enough to apply for a new student visa or to extend a student visa. You can only carry out visa procedures when you have paid the admission fee and the prescribed academic fees, and completed admissions procedures by submitting all other necessary documents. In the case of April entry to the University, admissions procedures are completed in early March. However, applications to process admissions are accepted in December from overseas applicants only. In the case of September entry, admissions applications are accepted in late June. Please carry out visa applications after this time.

Doctoral Program

Q. There seems to be no written examination as part of the entrance examination. Could you please tell me the screening process?

A. An overall judgment is made based on your application materials, master’s thesis and interview. All applicants must submit their language test score cards (TOEFL, TOEIC or IELTS) when applying. Please sit an English language proficiency test prior to application so that you are able to submit a scorecard (from the past two years).


Q. Is there a scholarship system?

A. Waseda University offers numerous scholarship systems. What’s more, JASSO and various other foundations accept applications for scholarships on an ongoing basis. As a general rule, you should apply for scholarships after admission, but there are also scholarships offered by organizations other than the University that you can apply for prior to admission. Please check here for details.

 Q. Are there any student dormitories?

A. Yes. Student dormitories are available for students of Waseda University. For details, please ask Waseda University’s Residence Life Center.


 Q. I’ve heard that a guarantor is needed to enter into a rental contract for an apartment. Is there a system for using the University at the guarantor?

A. A cosignatory is needed to rent rooms, but as a general rule you need to take responsibility for finding your own cosignatory.  However, if you have only just arrived in Japan and you really cannot find a cosignatory it is possible to use the rental guarantor service offered by the University’s associate company WASEDA UNIVERSITY PROJECT MANAGEMENT CORP. For details, please check here.

 Q. I want to learn about student life before I enter the university. Are there any useful websites?

A. Try having a look here.


This is the online version of Waseda University’s student life handbook. It is available in both Japanese and English.

(2) Kouhainavi Blog

Students currently enrolled at Waseda University offer support to students who are planning to join their faculties. As part of these efforts, blog articles are posted with the aim of helping to resolve potential concerns prior to admission. This may also be useful for new students planning to join the graduate schools.

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