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Political Science Course

Name Status Research Field M.A. Program Doctoral Program
UEDA, Michiko Associate
American Politics, Quantitative Political Methodology, Suicide Prevention
KUME, Ikuo Professor Comparative Political Economy, Japanese Politics
KONO, Masaru Professor Political Theory, Japanese Politics, Electoral Systems Research
TANIFUJI, Etsushi Professor Political Communication, Public Opinion, Contemporary British Politics
YOSHINO, Takashi Professor Anglo-American Politics, Political Party Theory, American Politics
ONO, Yoshikuni Professor Political Behavior
Name Status Research Field M.A.
ASANO, Toyomi Professor History of Japanese Politics ※On research leave in fall semester 2020
INAMURA, Kazutaka Associate
Political Philosophy, History of Political Thought
UMEMORI, Naoyuki Professor History of Japanese Political Thought
KAWAGISHI, Norikazu Professor Constitutional Law
SAITO, Junichi Professor Political Theory
SASADA, Eiji Professor Constitutional Law
NAKAUCHI, Eizo Professor History of Western Politics
YAZAWA, Masashi Associate
Contemporary Political Theory
CHUNG, Hun Associate
Political Philosophy, Formal Theory, PPE (Philosophy, Politics, & Economics)
Name Status Research Field M.A. Program Doctoral
KUBO, Keiichi Professor Comparative Politics
KELLAM, Marisa Andrea Associate Professor Comparative Politics
JOU, Willy Associate Professor Public Opinion, Political Culture
TAKAHASHI, Yuriko Associate Professor Comparative Politics (Politics of Emerging and Developing Countries), Comparative Political Economy, Public Policy
TANG, Liang Professor Comparative Politics, Chinese Politics
HINO, Airo Professor Empirical Analysis of Media and Elections, Comparative Politics of Western Europe
MAGARA, Hideko Professor Comparative Politics ※On research leave (2020)
WAKABAYASHI, Masahiro Professor Modern History of Taiwan, Political Theory of Contemporary Taiwan
Name Status Research Field M.A. Program Doctoral Program
KUNIYOSHI, Tomoki Associate Professor Japanese Diplomacy; History, Theory, and Analysis of the US-Japanese Security System
KURIZAKI, Shuhei Associate Professor International Relations, International Security, Formal Political Theory
TAGO, Atsushi Professor International Relations(Conflict Studies),
Quantitative Analysis,Experiment in Political Science
TANAKA, Takahiko Professor History of International Relations, History of the Cold War, Global Order Studies
TOHYA, Hiroki Professor Global Political Economy
TOMARU, Junko Professor International Migrations, History of Post-War International Relations
NAKAMURA, Hidetoshi Associate Professor International Politics, Theory of International Organizations, Regional Integration
MOGAMI, Toshiki Professor International Law and Organization (International Law, Theory of International Organizations)
Name Status Research Field M.A. Program Doctoral Program
AGATA, Koichiro Professor Public Administration
INATSUGU, Hiroaki Professor Public Administration, Personnel Administration
KOHARA, Takaharu Professor Japanese Local Government
FUKUDA, Koji Professor International Organization and Administration, EU European Integration (Political and Administrative) Studies, International Public Policy Studies
FUJII, Koji Professor Contemporary Public Administration
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