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Bulletin of the Graduate Division of letters, Arts and Sciences of Waseda University, Vol. 65 (2019)

Bulletin of the Graduate Division of letters, Arts and Sciences of Waseda University, Vol. 65

Published: March 15, 2020. ISSN2432-7344

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[Philosophy] [Asian Philosophy] [Psychology] [Sociology] [Education] [Japanese Studies] [English Studies] [French Studies][German Studies] [Russian Studies] [Chinese Studies] [Theatre and Film Arts] [Art History] [Japanese History][Asian History] [Western History] [Archaeology] [Cultural Anthropology] [Sutudies of Media, Body and Image] [Creative Writing and Criticism] [Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies]


■ Yoshiyuki MIKOSHIBA

Kants Deontologie und das Problem der moralischen Selbsterkenntnis

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Asian Philosophy

■ Yoshihiro WATANABE

“ Record of remark ” in a history book: The confict of Pei Songzhi (裴松之) ’ s commentary on Sanguo zhi (三国志)

■ Nobuhito HIBI

An Critical Analysis of Zhan-an Guan-ding ’ s understanding of Bing-xing ’ s Concept

■ Jianming HU

On the Debate between the Dharma Officers of Tiantong miyunyuanwu Zen Master in the Late Ming and Early Qing Dynasties

■ Norihiro SAEKI

The style of the welcoming of an aspirant into the Pure Land in SHOSO ’ s “ TAIMA-MANNDARA-SHO ”

■ Pengwei CUI

On the faith in Sonsho Dhāraṇī with hyakkiyagyō: “ Konjaku Monogatarishu (今昔物語集) ” 14-42 and legends of the Fujiwara clan

■ Toshifumi SEKI

Arrange “ wen zi zhi bu ” and collection of calligraphy — Yu he “ lun shu biao ”

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses


■ Takaji OHKUBO

Changes in the Style of Shimizu Ikutaro

■ Tomochika OKAMOTO

Analysis of Social Awareness of Human Coexistence and Positionalities in Relation to Education: Examination of Survey Data from 2018 with a Focus on Intentionality to “ Liberty ” and “ Control ”

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses


■ Hiroshi UMEMOTO

Gene-Environment Interaction and Environmental Sensitivity

■ Jiazhi TIAN

Functional Differentiation of Chinese Regional Priority University ’ s Three Institutions from the Viewpoint of Students ’ Motivation — As an Example of A University of S Province —

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

 Japanese Studies

■ Ichiro IKEZAWA

A feeling some frustration of straight aural reading of Chinese books in the Premodern Japan, in the case of a letter by Amenomori Hoshu

■ Sayaka OHSHIMA

The colloquial expression of “ Tsuki-ni-hoeru ” — The influence of Nietzsche on Sakutaro ’ s poetics of life


‘ Foods ’ that appear in Murakami Haruki ’ s Hear the Wind Sing — Prevalent “ Beer ” and “ Refrigerators ” as a measure —

■ Yan LYU

A Semantic Interpretation of Negative Degree Modifier

■ Atsuko KAI

A Study of Characteristics of Azumauta Focusing on a Socialized Makurakotoba.

■ Mutsuko USHIYAMA

Reconsideration of “ Shijonomiya Tonomo shu ”


The Conception Of “ Utopia ” : The Acceptance Of The Notions Of Seclusion In Kaifuso

■Qingxia WU

A Study of the adverb “ mushiro ” used for expressing comparision and preference


The Hidden tragedy of Naomi: Jōji ’ s “ Ideal Woman ” and the History of Women ’ s Education in Taishō era


An analysis on Yanagi-Kengyo ’ s rest by Uchida Hyakken: A Voice of the Visually Impaired Reflects on the Great Kanto Earthquake

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

English Studies

■ Takaomi EDA

How to Write an American Epic: An Essay on Paterson, Book II, Section 1

■ Kaoru IWAYA

The Influence of Symbiosis in Elizabeth Bishop ’ s Poetry

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

French Studies

■ Masao SUZUKI

Les personnages débordent le cadre — essai sur Rodolphe Töpffer —

■ Takumi SASAKI

La Solidarité par l ’ art chez Albert Camus


Un romantisme « frénétique » ? — Aloysius Bertrand et Charles Nodier —

■ Noriyuki NAGASAWA

Mundus botanicus dans les œuvres poétiques de Renée Vivien


Tragique et création des personnages dans le Bellérophon de Philippe Quinault


Hérémakhonon et La Vie scélérate de Maryse Condé : de la déconstruction du mythe identitaire à l ’ élaboration généalogique


“ Speculum ” qui animum refert : De l ’ influence érasmienne sur les Essais de Montaigne

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

German Studies


NS-Presseanweisungen und österreichische Zeitungen über „ Reichskristallnacht “ im November 1938

 Russian Studies

■ Kiyoharu MIURA

The Life of Metropolitan Philipp (I) — Translation and Commentary


Ранние стихотворения А . В . Кольцова : дума и молитва

■ Ryoichi TOMARINO

Сравнительные исследования « Великого инквизитора » Ф . М . Достоевским с « Молчанием » Л . Н . Андреевым о выражении в литературном диалоге .

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Chinese Studies

■ Masako NAITO

The Principles of Topic Chain in Chinese Discourse


“ Creation ” of the heroic story seen in “ Luo Tong sao bei 『羅通掃北』 ”

■ Shuxiao DUAN

The Birth of the Modern Hero — Chinese Science Fiction and the Transformed Imagination in Late Qing Dynasty

■ Qian LIU

the Exploration of Character Creation Practices in China — Taking Example for Character Making in ‘ Qihua ’

■ Jifei GUO

Illusion as a Way of Living: A Comparative Study of the ‘ Reality-Illusion ’ Structure in Yiyun Li and William Trevor ’ s Four Novellas

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Theatre and Film Arts


Why does a choreographer write his autobiography?: Investigating the Fokine-Beaumont and the Fokine-Sayler correspondence.


Divertissement as an independent performance in the 19th century Russian Ballet.

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Art History

■ Tomoyuki MASUDA

Baptism with Fire: Study of the Decoration Program of the Church of Panagia Peribleptos in Ohrid


The subject of the first scene of The Miraculous Interventions of Jizo Bosatsu of the Freer Gallery of Art: Jealousy and Quarreling as sins of women

■ Aiqi SUN

Some Thoughts concerning the Term ‘Aristocratic Psalter’

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Japanese History


A Bridge between the Intellectual History and the Military History on Nishi Amane ’ s Heika Tokkō


The faith of arhat in medieval Japan: that ’ s acceptance and propagation

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Asian History

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Western History

■ Ryuta ITO

The Livestock Production in the Italian Peninsula during the Roman Empire and its Supply to the City of Rome


Il carattere generale della storiografia religiosa italiana: sul paradigma dei movimenti religiosi.

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses



The Length of the Tsukamotoyama Kofun Group, Misato-machi, Saitama Prefecture and its Background

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Cultural Anthropology


ASEAN Tourism Policy and Tourism Development in the Southern Part of the Lao PDR


After Forgiveness: Making Kin-like-Relationships with Hijras of Gujarat in India


A Study of the Lao Agrarian Economy: A Society Living in-between Economic Development and Heritage Conservation


Discussion on food culture in Lao P.D.R: a Case Study of foods in “ comprehensive gastropub ”

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Studies of Media, Body and Image

■ Futoshi SAKAUCHI

Conjuring Complexities: a study on Enda Walsh ’ s Misterman and bedbound


Farder les images: Roger de Piles et sa théorie sur la peinture.

■ Ichitake KATAOKA

Die Sexualtheorie beim frühen Freud (1893-1900)

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Creative Writing and Criticism

Sumary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Global Japanese Literary and Cultural Studies

■ Kristopher REEVES

THERE AND BACK AGAIN : Abductions into Purgatory in Premodern Japan and China


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