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Bulletin of the Graduate Division of letters, Arts and Sciences of Waseda University, Vol. 63 (2017)

Bulletin of the Graduate Division of letters, Arts and Sciences of Waseda University, Vol. 63

Published: March 15, 2018. ISSN 2432-7344

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[Philosophy] [Asian Philosophy] [Psychology] [Sociology] [Education] [Japanese Studies] [English Studies] [French Studies][German Studies] [Russian Studies] [Chinese Studies] [Theatre and Film Arts] [Art History] [Japanese History][Asian History] [Western History] [Archaeology] [Cultural Anthropology] [Enhancing Local Cultures in Asia] [Studies of Media, Body and Image]


■ Nobuyuki KOBAYASHI

Levinas’ rehabilitation of sensation: A critique on representation, enjoyment of the transcendent, and disinterest

■ Yoshiyuki MIKOSHIBA

Moralität und Weltbürgertum bei Kant

■ Koichiro WAKAMATSU

‘Eine Kraft in der Seele’ Die Theorie vom Intellectus agens bei Meister Eckhart

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Asian Philosophy

■ Yoshihiro WATANABE

‘Gu shi kao(古史考)’ and ‘di wang shi ji(帝王世紀)’: History before wu ti and discussion consider the existence of all things closely related to Confucianism

■ Masahiro KUBOTA

The Transformation of the Theory of “Chuxin Qijiao 初心起教” in Song Period Tiantai Thought

■ Liu Min

A Discussion of Wang Yangming’s Political Ambitions in His Late Years

■ Keisuke KUROSAKI

About the Development from “Jing 経” and “Ji 記” to “Yi 義” on Study of the Ritual in the Han Dynasty: With a focus on “Guan yi pian 冠義篇” in “Li Ji 礼記”.

■ Ryuichi HASEGAWA

Guo yi xian xing: From criticism of present and view of sage in “Qian fu lun” to “wet cai zhu yi(meritocracy)”

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses


■ Kyoko FUJINO

Analysis of life story of female property offenders

■ Yasuhiro HASHIMOTO

A Psycho-lexical Study of Japanese Interpersonal Trait Words

□ Summary of Master’s Theses



The Body and Social Order: A View from a Discourse on “Listening to the Voice of the Body”

■ Shunsuke TANABE

A Statistical Investigation on Anti-Korean Sentiments in Japan:Comparative Analysis of 2009 and 2013 data

□ Summary of Master’s Theses



Suzuki Michita’s “Child Association Theory” and Child’s Rights Recognition


The Study of the Process and Problems about School Social Worker’s Legislation

■ Jiazhi TIAN

Roles of Priority University in China Higher Education System ─ Focusing on educational services ─

□ Summary of Master’s Theses

Japanese Studies

■ Ichiro IKEZAWA

Dr. Togo Yoshida as a poet of Chinese characters ─ Dr.Yoshida’s attemptions of selecting of Chinese poems by Japanese poets
and his manuscripts of Chinese poems of his own ─

■ Kazushige MUNAKATA

The magazine named another “Bunsho-Sekai”:On Otsuki Takashi and Bungaku-Doshikai


Ninnaji and fifty Japanese songs about Omuro-gojussyu and Doujohossinno-gojussyu.


Tsuda Kuzune and books ─ The background of purchase of “Hogen monogatari” and “Heiji monogatari” at Waseda University Library ─

■ Sayaka OHSHIMA

The idea of art in “The poetics aikoku” by Hagiwara Sakutaro ─ From the former half of “Tsuki-ni-hoeru” to the publication a book

■ Jun ANAI

Reconsideration of “HOEN NO KORÔI”


Kokubu Seigai’s Chinese poetry discussing current events and Masaoka Shiki’s new style poetry

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

English Studies


Mysteries in The Mystery of Edwin Drood

■ Hiroko SAITO

Story of an Issei Father, but Really the Story of a Human Being ── Reading “Las Vegas Charley” beyond the racial perspective ──

French Studies


Monnaie inerte, monnaie vivante :le thème du corps-fortune chez Gide (2)

■ Chiho TAKEDA

La construction de la tragédie dans le bal des ardents décrit par Jean Froissart

■ Hayato YOSHIDA

Le sacrifice entre auteur et lecteur : le statut du «je» scénique dans La somme athéologique de Georges Bataille

■ Takuma ITO

« Transfert » chez Tzara dans la période surréaliste


Légitimation de la littérature au travers de la cuisine et de la figure de la grand-mère dans Victoire, les saveurs et les mots, de Maryse Condé

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

German Studies


Das lyrische Echo einer Weltreise. Ästhetische Diversität in Max Dauthendeys Reiseversepos Die geflügelte Erde (1910)


„Wenn wir schweigen, werden wir unangenehm, wenn wir reden, werden wir lächerlich.” Widerstand gegen die Grenze in Herta Müllers Herztier

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Russian Studies

■ Ichiro ITO

Образ «с мерти-с вадьбы» в б алкано-с лавянском фольклоре

■ Keiko KUSANO

The Skin Feels Cold and Pain: the Body Narratives of Zinaida Gippius

■ Takashi MINAMOTO

Современная проблема нормальности в русских толковых словарях в связи с разновидностью академических словарей

■ Natasha TAKEUCHI

Играющий «Некто в сером»: взгляд Сологуба на театр и пьеса Андреева

■ Sunao YASUNO

The Vision of “New Woman” in the Popular Novels for Women in Russia: On The Wrath of Dionysus Written by Evdokia Nagrodskaia

Chinese Studies

■ Koichiro INAHATA

Geographer Shigetaka Shiga’s poem in Classical Chinese

■ Masako NAITO

A Comparative Approach to the Contexts of Tacit Communication

■ Junxiao YANG

The Convergence of Music Media and Communication in China

■ Ming KE

Time Ideology in Hara Saihin’s Kanshi ─ Expressions and Features

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Theatre and Film Arts

■ Shintaro FUJII

An Essay on Theatre and ‘public’: Comparison between France and Japan


Who is Mimosa?: Effect of fictional name in (M)imosa/Twenty Looks or Paris is Burning at the Judson Church (M) (2011)

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Art History

■ Tomoyuki MASUDA

Iconographical Program of the Prothesis in the Church of Panagia Peribleptos, Ohrid

■ Kazufumi TAKEDA

Some Considerations on the Dormition of the Virgin in Byzantine Art:its sources and iconography

■ Yoshiko FUKUDA

The ‘Virgo in sole’: The transfiguration bihind the Iconography of Virgin Maria

■ Takayuki YAMADA

An Analysis on Bumpei Usui’s Rooftop Party in Relation to John Sloan, Prohibition, and Immigration

■ Erena OTA

Pege Monastery: its Physical Setting

■ Miki HOMMA

The Acceptance of Ming Bird-and-flower Painting in Persian Painting

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Japanese History

■ Kenji IGAWA

The Concrete Image of unofficial Trade in the Sixteenth Century East Asia


The Commemoration of “Hagakure” and its School Education at Saga in 1930’s

■ Kyosuke IKENOYA

The political significance of Gosankyo’s mansion Onari in Yoshimune period ─ focusing on House of Tayasu ─


The Japanese Ministry of Education and School Inspectors of it in the Era of the Establishment of the Bureaucracy Appointments

■ Jiaxing YUAN

The Position of Prefectures up to the Enactment of the Three New Laws System: Focusing on the Building-and-Repair Affairs of the Prefectural Offices

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Asian History


An application of civil service examination at legal address(Benguan Quxie) in early Nothern Song

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Western History

■ Takashi JINNO

Research and Teaching on European Medieval History by Kan’ichi Asakawa ─ A Study of “Asakawa Papers” owned by Yale University

■ Tohru MAEDA

Three Types of Sumerian Accounting Records in the Ur III Dynasty


Parliamentary Clerks and English Parlaimentary Politics ─ from medieval age to the seventeenth century


Der Widerspruch des Doppelkloster ─ Die Wechselbeziehung zwischen Miracula und Consuetudines Admontenses

■ Taro OTANI

Historian J. E. Sars’s Scandinavianist arguments: A study of Scandinavianism of the Norwegian left

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses


■ Yukitsugu TABATA, Masaki KOIWA, Takeshi NAKAGAWA,SO Sokuntheary, Itaru NARUI, Yusuke OKU, Mana KAWAKAMI,Miku YOKOYAMA, Kotaro HORIKAWA, Momoko TSUJIKADO

Archeological Investigation on the Sambor Prei Kuk Monuments: August 2016


The Origin and History of the Cult of Montu (Mnt-w) at the fourth Nome of the Upper Egypt.


Reconsideration on the ‘Court Type’ Burials of the Middle Kingdom in Ancient Egypt: A Discussion Relating to the Archaeological Materials

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses

Cultural Anthropology

■ Takahiro SAKAI

A Tentative Cultural Anthropological Study on the “Premonition of Disaster”: From the Case of Coastal Area of Kochi City Prepared
for the Nankai Trough Earthquake

Enhancing Local Cultures in Asia

■ Makoto ISOGAI

The Picture on Doors of the Phoenix Hall of Byodo-in and Re-birth in this world

Studies of Media, Body and Image

■ Mamoru FUKUDA

Teiichi Hijikata, his life in Berlin

■ Junichiro ITO

La rencontre de Jean-Luc Nancy et Jacques Derrida ─ Un commentaire de « Commentaire » de Jean-Luc Nancy

■ Hajin PARK

Samuel Beckett’s Endgame ─ The Inheritance of storytelling ─

Summary of Excellent Master’s Theses


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