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ラティフ カジョ ムシン(LATIF, Kazho Muhsin)

8_LATIF, Kazho Muhsin

  • 国籍:Iraq
  • Program:Master’s Program
  • 入学時期:2018年4月入学
  • Study Plan:社会コミュニケーション


When I moved to Japan for work, I was interested in studying for my Masters and I found out about GSICCS. The program offers a wide range of classes in culture, language, society, politics and communication and having the liberty to choose from a variety of classes was what pushed me to join this school. Also, the GSICCS student body is diverse and international, so it was the perfect opportunity for me to build more friendships and learn from the experiences of my fellow classmates and friends.

My seminar is with Professor Yuji Uesugi and it is dedicated to Peace and Conflict Studies and my research focus concerns the role of online media in identity formation and identity conflicts. The reason I chose this seminar and theme is because, as a Kurdish-Iraqi woman, I have seen my country torn due to identity conflicts and sectarian war. So, by choosing this seminar, I wanted to find some answers to the problems in my country.

My next step will be to pursue my PhD in identity studies. Specifically, I want to study the role of ethnic identity conflict in Iraq’s political system. After obtaining my PhD, I would like to go back to Iraq and work in the government to hopefully contribute to finding solutions to the problems my country faces.
GSICCS and my seminar helped me realize what I am interested in and passionate about.


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