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森田 裕貴(MORITA, Yuki)

5_MORITA, Yuki

  • 国籍:Japan
  • Program:Master’s Program
  • 入学時期:2017年4月入学
  • Study Plan:言語コミュニケーション


Since I graduated from GSICCS in March 2019, I have been working as an English teacher at a Japanese private junior high school. And I’m sure my time at GSICCS still supports me a lot even today.

Before entering GSICCS, I obtained a teaching license through undergraduate courses. I had an option to become a teacher immediately after graduating from the university, but I determined to study more at GSICCS, which offers various courses related to the field of education and provides essential courses for obtaining an advanced teaching license.

My major at GSICCS was Teaching English as a Second Language. While I was learning theories of second language education at GSICCS, I was also working as a part-time teacher at some schools to have teaching experience. It was quite hard to manage my time to study and work at the same time, but it gave me valuable opportunities to put these theories into the practice and a significant insight into English education in Japan.

At GSICCS, I could meet many wonderful professors and students from various countries who have a similar academic interest. Especially, I appreciated their help in my seminar, since I could discuss my questions, ideas, and opinions thoroughly with those brilliant educators and researchers any time. Meanwhile, I could have many chances to talk with people from other seminars with diverse specialisations in general subjects such as “Thesis Writing” and “Research Methods”. It was always extremely interesting to learn a variety of aspects and approaches in each discussion, contrasting them with my own.

The experience at GSICCS has been indispensable for me and it gives me a lot of inspiration. Now as an English teacher, I am trying to teach students how interesting and wonderful it is to learn from and even teach to people who have different ideas and cultural backgrounds.


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