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樋口 拓也(HIGUCHI, Takuya)

4_HIGUCHI, Takuya

  • 国籍:Japan
  • Program:Master’s Program
  • 入学時期:2019年4月入学
  • Study Plan:言語コミュニケーション


I decided to study at GSICCS because I wanted to do research on sociolinguistics with people who have different cultural backgrounds. GSICCS offers a variety of classes from economics to linguistics and since each student has a different interest, I can broaden my horizon when discussing not only various issues dealt with in class but also social issues in general with friends. The fact that each person has quite different experiences and interests provides me with a new way of thinking, and hearing such different opinions makes me critical of myself.

All classes at GSICCS are thought-provoking, but I am fascinated with a class called Language and Mind in which we learn psycholinguistics; for instance, we discuss how to perceive the sounds /k/ and /g/ utilizing an app called Praat. After graduation, I would like to work in a company in which I could work globally so that I could relate both my experience in interacting with this diverse group of people and my knowledge of how language is utilized in society to my work. If you are interested in intercultural communication, learning more profoundly about communication and linguistics, or would like to challenge yourself in such a transnational community, I strongly recommend you come to GSICCS! We are all waiting for you!


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