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ガリレイ マリッサ アレクサンドラ(GALILEY, Marissa Alexandra)

12_GALILEY, Marissa Alexandra

  • 国籍:United States
  • Program:Master’s Program
  • 入学時期:2018年4月入学
  • Study Plan:言語コミュニケーション


What I like most about GSICCS is the well-rounded and varied nature of the curriculum. GSICCS students are provided with many avenues to broaden their perspectives in relation to their research theme as well as the chance to collaborate with classmates from other academic spheres. As a Speech Communication and Language Acquisition student, I was surprised to find such a wide range of research interests even among the members of my own seminar. Meeting, learning from and sharing ideas with professors and students from diverse academic and international backgrounds has been my favorite part of my time at Waseda.

GSICCS offers its students the option to enroll in and receive credit for courses offered by other graduate schools at Waseda, an opportunity which I took advantage of last semester. The skills I acquired as a direct result of this decision have already proven useful as I prepare to conduct research for my master’s thesis regarding the link between phonemic production and second-language perceptual accuracy. Whether I choose to find work in Japan or overseas, I am positive that my time here at GSICCS will be instrumental in securing my future career.


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