Graduate School of International Culture and Communication Studies早稲田大学 国際コミュニケーション研究科



伊藤 ゆりか(ITO, Yurika)


  • 国籍:Japan
  • Program:Master’s Program
  • 入学時期:2016年9月入学
  • Study Plan:言語コミュニケーション


I graduated from GSICCS in September 2018 and am currently working as an English teacher at a Japanese private high school. Although I did not have much teaching experience, GSICCS definitely helped me prepare for my current job. I belonged to the Teaching English as a Second Language (TESOL) seminar which focused mainly on second language learning and teaching. Since I took various classes related to this field of study at GSICCS, I was able to deepen my understanding of the theoretical aspects of second language learning and teaching, which is essential knowledge for an English teacher.

At GSICCS, there are so many wonderful professors, students, and office staff, which I think is one of the best features of this graduate school. Dr. Stockwell, the supervisor of my seminar, is one of the most brilliant educators and researchers that I have ever encountered. He has not only given me guidance and support in my academic studies but also in other aspects of my life. He has inspired me to be an English teacher as well as pursue a PhD at GSICCS and my current goal is to be an educator and researcher like him. The other professors teaching at GSICCS have also taught me so much about each of their areas of expertise, including linguistics, applied linguistics, and cultural studies.

Studying in a diverse and intellectually stimulating environment where I was surrounded by people who were from various countries has shown me the importance of intercultural communication. What I want to teach my students is the importance of learning English so that they will be able to communicate with people outside of Japan. I can confidently say that my time at GSICCS would not have been half as great if it were not for these wonderful people.


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