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ラヴェル イザベル(LAVELLE, Isabelle)

  • 国籍:France
  • Program:Doctoral Program
  • 入学時期:2015年4月入学
  • Study Plan:博士後期課程


GSICCS can offer you the optimal conditions to thrive as a young researcher. Doing a PhD can be a long and harrowing process and should be about much more than acquiring knowledge. The people you meet along the way and share your research with are crucial to helping you reach the level of understanding needed for completing a thesis you can be proud of.

The PhD candidates I met at GSICCS had a true commitment to academic excellence and intellectual curiosity. The professors had a very strong vision for their future doctors. They helped me navigate the many challenges of academic research, supported me in scholarship and job applications, but above all, they taught me independence. This is invaluable because, as PhD candidates and aspiring academics, we navigate a delicate balance between self-doubts and self-confidence. Attending international symposiums and workshops, we are expected to present research that is personal and original; we need to convince the world and mostly ourselves that we are accomplished researchers. And yet, we desperately need guidance in order to hone our very own academic voice.

I found at GSICCS professors and staff who were passionate about creating the kind of protected freedom that gave me the tools to become an independent researcher with my distinctive voice. Doing research in English is part of this process. Beyond easing communication and opening up a wealth of knowledge from different cultures and languages, finding our voices in English from the very beginning of our lives as researchers allows us to be part from the start of this international academic space where the very best research happens. Today, I am Assistant Professor with publications in three languages and I teach undergraduate students from all over the world.


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