Taking classes taught in English for a diverse perspective

Taking classes taught in English for a diverse perspective

Mon, Oct 7, 2019
Taking classes taught in English for a diverse perspective

At Waseda, seven undergraduate schools and 14 graduate schools offer English-taught degree programs, including the School of Political Science and Economics, the Graduate School of Asia-Pacific Studies, and the School of Creative Science and Engineering.

“I was pleasantly surprised that there is actually plenty of English courses available, not only from the school that I enrolled in but you’re actually able to take courses from other departments in Waseda that are also taught in English,” says a student from the School of Political Science of Economics.

Such English-taught classes are meant for not only international students but for Japanese students also.

Professor Marisa Kellam says, “I welcome students to please not be intimidated by the language barrier but rather see it as an opportunity to make an international friend and exchange ideas in a different sort of environment. […] There is nothing that can replace the value of being in a classroom, exchanging ideas with other people, and that exchange of ideas especially when you’re in a classroom with people from different countries and different backgrounds […], is an intangible and valuable part of university education.”

Professor Joel Malen adds, “At the beginning it takes a little getting used to I think, for some of the foreign students and for some of the Japanese students but as we progress it becomes really nice because we got a lot more diversity and perspectives about an issue.”

Check out the videos below to see what faculty and students have to say about classes taught in English at the university.

Professor Marisa Kellam’s class, School of Political Science and Economics

Professor Joel Malen’s class, School of Commerce

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