300,000 digitized Japanese & Chinese classic items in Kotenseki Sogo Database

300,000 digitized Japanese & Chinese classic items in Kotenseki Sogo Database

Tue, Sep 27, 2016
300,000 digitized Japanese & Chinese classic items in Kotenseki Sogo Database

Waseda University Library’s Kotenseki Sogo Database provides public access to Waseda University Library’s collection of bibliographical information, scholarly materials, and full-text images related to Japanese and Chinese classics. In 2005, the Waseda University Library began digitizing some 300,000 items, including two National Treasures and five Important Cultural Properties, and it continues to enrich the database by constantly incorporating newly acquired materials.

Examples of items in the collection

Handscroll of the Tale of Genji

源氏物語絵巻 : 四季源氏 / 狩野祐清 [画]  請求記号:文庫30 B0423

“Genji Monogatari Emaki: Shiki Genji” by Yusei Kano (Print); Call number: Bunko 30 B0423

Portrait of Sugita Genpaku (Important Cultural Property)

杉田玄白肖像 / [石川大浪] [画] ; 九幸老人 書 請求記号:文庫08 A0252

“Portrait of Sugita Genpaku” by Tairo Ishikawa (Print); Call number: 08 A0252

Shirando Shingenkai Zu (Important Cultural Property)

芝蘭堂新元会図 / 市川邕[画] ; 大槻玄沢 [ほか賛] 請求記号:文庫08 A0224

“Shirando Shingenkai Zu” by Gakuzan Ichikawa and Bansui Otsuki; Call number: Bunko 08 A0224

Raiki Shihon Sogi (National Trasure)

[礼記子本疏義]. 第59 / [鄭灼] [撰] 請求番号:ロ12 01134

“Raiki Shihon Sogi, Vol. 59” by Shaku Tei; Call Number: ロ12 01134

Owarinokuni Gunji Hyakuseira Gebumi (Important Cultural Property)

尾張国郡司百姓等解文 請求記号:文庫12 00001

“Owarinokuni Gunji Hyakuseira Gebumi”; Call Number: Bunko 12 00001

Other Japanese and Chinese classics that comprise the database include:

  • Pre-Edo period (1600-1868) texts, both prints and manuscripts
  • Pre-Qing Dynasty (1644-1912) Chinese and Korean-language materials, both prints and manuscripts
  • Japanese primary sources from earliest times through the modern period, including documents, letters, manuscripts, rubbings, etc.

There are also a few Western-language books used by Edo-period students of Dutch Studies (Rangaku), also known as Western Studies (Yōgaku).

For related materials, use the WINE OPAC search tool.

Terms & conditions of use

Most of the materials in the database are classified by the Special Collections Office of the Waseda University Library as old books and/or rare books. The use of any materials from the database in television broadcasts, publications of any kind (including digital publications, academic journals, and books), exhibitions and websites without permission is strictly prohibited. If you wish to view the material in person, use them in publications of any sort, or borrow them, you must apply for permission in advance and complete the necessary formalities. Please directly contact the Office of Special Collections at the Waseda University Library.


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