Le Corbusier: A dialogue with Ronchamp Hill ~ What Takamasa learnt from the living breaths of a master ~

Le Corbusier: A dialogue with Ronchamp Hill ~ What Takamasa learnt from the living breaths of a master ~

Le Corbusier: A dialogue with Ronchamp Hill ~ What Takamasa learnt from the living breaths of a master ~

《ロンシャンの礼拝堂》 ©Tetsuyu Shiraishi

《The Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp》 ©Tetsuyu Shiraishi

Exhibition information

  • Date
    June 29 (Wed) – August 7 (Sun), 2016
  • Place
    Waseda Aizu Museum (access)
    1F Exhibition Room
    2F East wing of the Permanent Collection Exhibition Room
  • Time
    10:00~17:00(Admission until 16:30)
    ※Fridays only 10:00~18:00(Admission until 17:30)
  • Closed
    Sundays, Holidays
  • Holiday openings on
    July 18 (Mon, Holiday), August 7 (Sun)
  • Admission
  • Co-presented by
    Department of Architecture at Waseda University, Research Institute for Science and Engineering, Institute for Architecture and Architectural Engineering, Waseda Aizu Museum
  • Organized by
    “Le Corbusier: A Dialogue with Ronchamp Hill” Exhibition Committee at Waseda University
    Contact information:[email protected]l.com
    Attention:Yuri Fujii, Shingo Saito, Yui Yoshikawa, Koji Yamada
  • With the support of
    Foundation Le Corbusier, ASSOCIATION ŒUVRE NOTRE-DAME DU HAUT, Embassy of Switzerland in Japan, Embassy of France in Japan/Institut français du Japon, Architectural Institute of Japan
  • With sponsorship of
    Obayashi Corporation, Kajima Corporation, Shimizu Corporation, Taisei Corporation, Takenaka Corporation

Exhibition outline

The architect Le Corbusier, the master of modernism, developed the plans for a masterpiece, the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut and its associated structures, in the late years of his life.  The Waseda University Research & Measurement Survey Group on Le Corbusier has been continuing to conduct measurement surveys of the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut and its associated structures since 2013. Waseda University research teams conducted the first measurement surveys of the Maison des Pèlerins and the Maison du Gardien since the buildings were completed, and last year, the university formed a research group to carry out measurement surveys of the main chapel building.This exhibition will present the drawings produced from these surveys together with precious cyanotypes actually used by Le Corbusier on site that have been preserved at the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut. These items should offer one with a feel of the architect’s living breaths from the time of the project’s construction and of his dialogue with Ronchamp Hill. Jean-Franςois Mathey, an expert on matters about the site, will be invited from Ronchamp to take part in a symposium during the exhibition period.

Takamasa Yosizaka, who had been studying at Le Corbusier’s atelier around the time of the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut project, taught at Waseda University’s architecture department after returning to Japan and went on to nurture many architects. Drawings that Yosizaka drafted at Le Corbusier’s atelier during his time in France will also be featured in this exhibition. They should provide clues for us to understand what Yosizaka had learned at the time when the Chapelle Notre Dame du Haut project was beginning to take shape.

Furthermore, the National Museum of Western Art in Tokyo is up for listing with 16 other buildings around the world, all designed by Le Corbusier, as a World Heritage site. The nomination will be finalized this month during a UNESCO World Heritage Committee meeting in Istanbul. We hope this exhibition will provide you with the opportunity to learn more about Le Corbusier and his contributions to the world of architecture.

List of items on display at the Exhibition


Exhibited items

ポートレート ©AONDH

Le Corbusier’s portrait ©AONDH

吉阪隆正日記帳 ©早稲田大学

Takamasa Yoshizaka’s notebooks ©Waseda University


《The Chapel of Notre Dame du Haut in Ronchamp》working blueprint©AONDH

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