Waseda & Singapore Polytechnic jointly seek new breakthroughs in Biomedical Sciences

Waseda & Singapore Polytechnic jointly seek new breakthroughs in Biomedical Sciences

Wed, Dec 2, 2015
Waseda & Singapore Polytechnic jointly seek new breakthroughs in Biomedical Sciences

Waseda Professor Shuji Hashimoto at a Singapore Polytechnic research facility

Waseda University and Singapore Polytechnic (SP) have solidified a partnership to further pursue the development of new technological advancements in the area of biomedical sciences.

As part of this partnership, Waseda has opened its first joint Biomedical Lab with SP on the polytechnic’s campus. This is the first Waseda research facility of its kind to be established in an Institute of Higher Learning in Singapore.

The new 2000 square-foot facility will house up to fifteen local and Japanese researchers who will conduct research on topics such as bioimaging and next generation sequencing. These topics will potentially lead to new innovations in the areas of cancer detection and dementia treatment.

The joint team is also developing a new class of bio-materials for targeted drug delivery. With this new technology, lasers can trigger drugs to release when they reach the intended area of the body. This allows for a safer, more efficient and precise drug delivery system.

In 2009, Waseda established the WASEDA Bioscience Research Institute in Singapore (WABIOS)  as a center for international collaborative research to promote biomedical science research and build industry-academic partnerships in applied science.

Deepening the Waseda-Singapore Polytechnic Partnership

Using this partnership as a foundation, Waseda researchers plan to collaborate with SP to develop innovations that will empower active aging. This is an excellent opportunity, as both Japan and Singapore will continue to face challenges that come with a rapidly aging population over the next two decades.

Emphasizing the close ties between both organizations, SP’s Principal and Chief Executive Officer Mr Tan Choon Shian said, “The latest collaboration draws on the strengths of both Singapore Polytechnic and Waseda University as we both have strong capabilities in common areas such as biomedical sciences, robotics and research. We hope to translate our research into innovative solutions that are beneficial for the community and the world.”

“While the focus is currently placed on research in the field of bio-science, we also hope that this joint lab can serve as a bridge for the creation of joint research in other fields that can mutually enhance our capabilities,” said Professor Shuji Hashimoto, Waseda Senior Executive Vice President for Academic Affairs & Provost.

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