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Others 2016.07.21 NEW

Visit AMED Singapore Office

WABIOS members visited Singapore Office of Japan Agency for Medical Research and Development (AMED) at Science Park, and had a discussion with Director, Mr. Hiroshi Nakamura. < Link >

Visitors 2016.07.14

Visitors from Meiji Seika Pharma and Alue

Ms. Kyoko Araki and Ms. Rie Shirai from Meiji Seika Pharma Co., Ltd. and Mr. Taiki Aramaki from Alue Co., Ltd., visited WABIOS. < Link > < Link >

Visitors 2016.06.15

Visitors from JST, NTU, and Waseda University

Mr. Ken-ichi Sakabe, Research Manager from Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), Dr. Hajime Hirao, Nanyang Assistant Professor of NTU, and Dr. Kazuyuki Kuroda, Professor of Waseda University, visited WABIOS. < Link >

Visitors 2016.05.12

Visitors from JCC and DNP

Mr. Tetsuya Izumi, Mr. Daizou Yashima, and Mr. Katsumi Kameishi from Japan Cosmetic Center, and Mr. Kazuhide Motegi from DNP Singapore, visited WABIOS. < Link >

Articles 2016.05.04

Article published in ACS SENSORS

An article written by Dr. Sou and others was published in ACS SENSORS. This research was performed in collaboration with researchers in Singapore Polytechnic. Title: “Temperature tracking in a three-dimensional matrix using thermosensitive liposome platform” < Link >


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